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Please do not submit the Online Application until you have read this “Online Agreement and Release” completely, and understand and agree to the terms set out in this Online Agreement and Release.

As an inducement to Agincourt Productions Inc., a subsidiary of Bell Media Inc. (the “Producer”) considering me as a potential participant in a television quiz show  entitled “Battle Of The Generations” (the “Program”) and by agreeing and acknowledging in the Online Application that I have read and understand the Online Application and this Online Agreement and Release (collectively, the “Application”), I represent, warrant and agree as follows:

1. I understand and acknowledge that although the Producer reviews all Applications, which includes all materials submitted, such as photographs, video submission and written materials (collectively, the “Materials”), the Producer will be unable to reply to all applicants individually. I understand that I will only hear from the Producer if I am being considered for an audition.

2. I understand, and represent and warrant that I meet, and will comply with, the eligibility requirements to be considered as a participant in the Program, which are as follows:
a. I must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada;
b. I am over the age of 14 as of July 1, 2022.  In addition, I understand and acknowledge that if I am between 14 and 18 years old as of July 1, 2022 (i) I will need permission from my parent or legal guardian to apply and submit my application; (ii) I must provide my parent or legal guardian’s name, email, and phone number in the Online Application form where indicated; and (iii) the Producer will contact them if I am chosen for an audition; and
c. I must be available and able to commit to all days of filming as notified by the Producer which are anticipated to occur in February 2023, subject to final determination by the Producer in its sole discretion.

3. I understand and acknowledge that submission of the Application and compliance with the above eligibility requirements does not in any way constitute an offer to appear on the Program. The Producer will invite me to attend an audition (via video conferencing) at the Producer’s sole discretion. The Producer's decision regarding selection of applicants for the Program is final.  I understand that Producer is selecting potential participants and alternates for the Program and agree that Producer has the right to do so in its sole discretion. 

4. I acknowledge that: (i) I have read, understand, am satisfied and agree to be bound by the eligibility requirements set forth in this Application; (ii) I have answered the questions in this Application honestly, accurately and completely; (iii) I agree to keep strictly confidential all information about the Program that I acquire during the participant selection process; (iii) even if I am selected as a participant, the Producer has no obligation to produce the Program and has no obligation to exhibit it, even if produced; (iv) all decisions by the Producer concerning selection of the participants are final and not subject to challenge or appeal; and (v) the Producer has the right to change any of the terms of the Application and participant selection process at any time or to select or not select anyone at its sole discretion. I warrant and represent that I have all right and authority to grant the rights in the Materials to the Producer as contemplated herein.

5. I hereby release the Producer and its respective licensees, successors, assignees, parents, subsidiaries, or affiliated entities and its respective employees, agents, officers and directors of the foregoing entities (collectively, the “Releasee”) as well as any television station or channel, cable network, satellite network or any digital platform that exhibits the Program, the other participants in the Program, the advertisers, sponsors, and promotional agencies connected with the Program each of the respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies of the foregoing, and each of their respective officers, directors, agents, representatives, employees, successors, assignees, and licensees (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses of any kind (including, without limitation, legal fees) arising out of, resulting from, or by reason of, my participation in or in connection with the Program, including, without limitation, my participation in the participant selection process of the Program, participation in any Program related activities, any exploitation of the Program or my appearance on the Program, the failure of the Producer to select me as a participant, the cancellation of the Program, any activities in connection with the video submission, or the exercise by the Producer of any rights granted by me with respect to the Program on any legal theory whatsoever (including, but not limited to, personal injury, rights of privacy and publicity, false light, and defamation) (the “Released Claims”). The Released Claims specifically include, without limitation, any and all claims, actions, damages, liabilities, losses, costs and expenses (including legal fees) of any kind resulting from the actions of another participant or any other third party at any time.

6. With respect to the information provided by me in this Application, including but not limited to all “personal information” collected by the Producer and/or its authorized agents pursuant to the terms hereof, I acknowledge and agree that any such information obtained by the Producer pursuant to this Application or otherwise may be used for the purpose of making casting and other similar decisions for the production (and public viewing) of the Program, and may be described, disclosed or otherwise used in and in connection with the Program (by Producer), any subsequent seasons of the Program, and any ancillary or related productions, including “making-of” and “behind-the-scenes” or “after show” productions, and/or for publicity and promotional purposes related thereto.

7. Whether or not I am selected to be a participant on the Program, I shall keep in strictest confidence any information or materials of any kind, including without limitation, any information or materials concerning or relating to the Producer, any program produced by the Producer and/or exhibited by a broadcaster, including, without limitation, any information concerning or relating to the Program, the Program applicants, the Program participants, the Program hosts, the events contained in the Program, that I read, hear or otherwise acquire or learn in connection with or as a result of my applying to be a participant on the Program or (if I am selected to be a participant) as the result of my experiences as a participant on the Program (collectively, the “Information and Materials”). I acknowledge and agree that the Information and Materials are confidential and the exclusive property of Producer. At no time will I ever, directly or indirectly, divulge in any manner or use or permit others to use any of the Information and Materials.

8. I acknowledge and agree that (i) the provisions of this Application shall enure to the benefit of the successors and assigns of Released Parties and shall be binding upon my heirs, executors, administrators and representatives, (ii) this Application will be governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario and the federal laws of Canada applicable therein and that the courts of Ontario will have exclusive jurisdiction over any matter arising out of this Application, (iii) if any provision of the Application is invalid, illegal, or unenforceable in any jurisdiction it will, as to that jurisdiction be ineffective only to the extent of such invalidity, illegality or unenforceability, without affecting in any way the remaining provisions hereof in such jurisdiction or rendering that or any other provision of this Application is invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any other jurisdiction, (iv) the Producer reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this Online Agreement and Release, the Online Application, and Bell Media’s Website Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy at any time without notice, and (v) that Releasees may freely assign, in whole or in part, any of their rights or obligations under the Application and I may not assign my rights and obligations under this Application.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this Online Application to be considered for BATTLE OF THE GENERATIONS! Due to the amount of applications we receive during the casting process, we are unable to respond to all applicants. Should you be selected to move forward in the casting process, you will hear from us some time between September 2022 and January 2023.


Please note that this Online Application does not in any way constitute an offer to participate in the Program. If you have indicated in the Online Application that you wish to be considered for participation in the Program, your personal details will be included in a database compiled for this purpose. In the event that you do participate in the Program, then prior to and as a condition for your participation, you will be required to sign a separate participant agreement which will be provided by the Producer. Such agreement will provide that in consideration of your participation in the Program, we will own all of the rights in the program including your contribution which will be freely available for broadcast and all other media purposes. The information you supply in this online application may be digitally stored by the Producer and will only be used in accordance with the following terms and conditions and privacy policy. We will not supply this information to third parties other than as is reasonably necessary to select participants and produce the program, or as specifically set out in the terms and conditions.



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