Farmer Charley

Location: Keremeos, BC

Age: 25

Height: 6'1

Farm Type: Winery


As a second-generation wine producer, where Farmer Charley’s from, it’s always wine-o'clock! Growing up on his parents' winery made Charley ambitious from a young age. He created his first signature Rosé while still in high school - and it was the first wine to sell out that summer. He also has dreams of expanding the business. Whether it’s hiking in the mountains or a last-minute fishing trip, Charley is spontaneous, adventurous, and looking for a partner who loves the outdoors. Farmer Charley is currently building himself a home on 8 acres, and is looking to fill it with love, kids, and family - he just needs to meet his future wife first! Learn more about Farmer Charley here!


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