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Farming for Love is back with a new crop of farmers! In the second season of Canada’s rural matchmaking series, eligible farmers are once again opening their farms – and their hearts – to singles from across the country in their search for a partner. Ready to begin your own love story with a farmer? APPLY NOW before casting closes! 

Based on the international hit format The Farmer Wants a Wife, Farming for Love sees farmers invite daters to live and work alongside them, immersing themselves in a series of farm chores, group activities, and intimate one-on-one dates with the ultimate goal of finding their life partners. The franchise has led to 191 weddings and 469 children since its inception.


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Apply For A Farmer


Farmer Alex

Location: Agassiz, B.C. 
Age: 23 
Height: 5 ft 10 in  
Farm Type: Dairy Farm
Interested In: Women


Adventurous Farmer Alex worked on farms across the globe before settling into his role on his family’s dairy farm in Agassiz, B.C. Learn more about Farmer Alex and apply to date him HERE.


Farmer Jessica

Location: Maple Ridge, B.C. 
Age: 30 
Height: 5 ft 6 in 
Farm Type: Berry & Fruit Farm 
Interested In: Men


Working alongside her family on their organic blueberry farm in Maple Ridge, B.C., Farmer Jessica is as sweet as the fruit she picks! Learn more about Farmer Jessica and apply to date her HERE.


Farmer Kirkland

Location: Rosedale, B.C.
Age: 35 
Height: 6 ft 1 in  
Farm Type: Cattle Farm and Horse Boarding
Interested In: Men


Charming former rodeo champion Farmer Kirkland minds horses and cattle near his home community of Cheam First Nation. Learn more about Farmer Kirkland and apply to date him HERE.


Farmer Erin

Location: Creston, B.C.
Age: 34 
Height: 5 ft 7 in  
Farm Type: Soil-to-Shelf Dairy Farm
Interested In: Men


Vivacious Farmer Erin is a second-generation farmer and one of the only women in the province who runs her own soil-to-shelf dairy farm. Learn more about Farmer Erin and apply to date her HERE.


Farmer Mischa

Location: Lillooet, B.C.
Age: 32 
Height: 5 ft 11 in 
Farm Type: Apiary & Orchards 
Interested In: Women 


Former city dweller Farmer Mischa is a fourth-generation beekeeper and orchardist in the quaint town of Lillooet, B.C. Learn more about Farmer Mischa and apply to date him HERE.


Farmer Josh

Location: Rosedale, B.C.
Age: 27 
Height: 6 feet 
Farm Type: Dairy Farm 
Interested In: Women


Farmer Josh is a classic hockey-playing, cowboy-hat-wearing Canadian farmer running his family’s dairy in Rosedale, B.C. Learn more about Farmer Josh and apply to date him HERE.


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