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Hawaiian sweet rolls

These are Hawaiian sweet rolls for Makahiki which is a 4-month winter celebration in Hawaii that spans through Christmas as well. The Makahiki season is the ancient Hawaiian New Year festival, in honor of the god Lono of the Hawaiian religion.


  • 795g all purpose flour
  • 240 ml milk
  • 240 ml water
  • 31 g sugar
  • 22 g kosher salt
  • 14 g active dry yeast
  • 30 g butter, room temperature


  1. Warm up milk and water to body temperature. 
  2. Add active dry yeast. mix well.
  3. Combine bread flour, sugar, and salt into the kitchen aid mixing bowl
  4. Combine dry ingredients and wet ingredients and mix until the dough comes together.
  5. At setting two, knead the bread for 10 minutes or until smooth and elastic. ferment for an hour at a warm place.
  6. Lightly flour the table and divide the dough into 60-gram balls. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and let it proof for an hour or until the bread comes up about double the original size.
  7. Brush with egg wash and bake at 180° C for 30 minutes, rotating halfway into the cooking time. Bread should be done when the internal temperature reads 93° C. 
  8. Let it rest in the pan for 10 minutes then take it out of the pan and let it cool down completely on a wire rack.
  9. Use it right away or wrap it with plastic wrap and freeze it. Enjoy! 

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