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Root Vegetable and Roast Chicken Pan Stew

A classic roast chicken turned into a delicious and hearty stew made with seasonal root veggies like carrots, parsnips, celery root, and baby potatoes. 



  • 2 carrots, peeled and cut into bite-size pieces
  • 2 parsnips, peeled and cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 turnip, peeled and cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 celery root, peeled and cut into bite-size pieces
  • 1 pound (450 g) baby potatoes
  • 1 leek, top and bottom trimmed, cut into 2-inch (5 cm) intact rounds, rinsed as needed
  • Cloves from 1 head of garlic, peeled and halved
  • Sea salt and black pepper
  • 1 large roasting chicken (about 5 pounds/2.25 kg)
  • 2 lemons, halved crosswise
  • Leaves from a handful of fresh rosemary, thyme, sage, savory, or oregano sprigs, minced
  • A few handfuls of tender savoury greens (baby spinach, baby kale, arugula, or Swiss chard)


  1. Preheat the oven to 425°F (220°C). Turn on the convection fan if you have one.
  2. Fill a large roasting pan with the carrots, parsnips, turnips, celery root, potatoes, leeks, and garlic.
  3. Lightly season the vegetables with salt and pepper and gently mix. 
  4. Thoroughly season the chicken with salt and pepper and nestle the breast in the centre of the vegetables.
  5. Position the lemon halves cut side up around the chicken. 
  6. Roast, gently shaking and settling the pan once or twice until the vegetables are tender and caramelized and the chicken is golden brown and finished; an hour or so. 
  7. The chicken is done when a digital or quick-read thermometer registers at least 165°F (74°C) in the thickest part of the breast meat and thigh.
  8. Remove from the oven. 
  9. With the chicken still in the pan and a pair of tongs in each hand, pull, tug, and shred the meat away from the carcass. 
  10. Share the crispy skin treat with all assembled. Sprinkle with fresh herbs and squeeze the roasted lemons with tongs, allowing the juices to mingle. Stir in the greens and rest as they wilt before serving a minute or two. 
  11. Reserve the carcass for another day’s chicken broth. Enjoy!

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