Nadège berry kiss bonbons

By Nadège Nourian
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  • 186g raspberry puree
  • 188g sugar
  • 18g glucose
  • 150g high quality milk chocolate
  • 56g butter



  1. In a saucepan cook the sugar and glucose to 104°C. Add in raspberry puree, warmed.
  2. When the mix has cooled down to 84°C add in melted milk chocolate. Cool down the mmix to 35°C, then add butter.
  3. Blend everything together, until well combined. The filling is ready to be used when it reaches 25°C.


  1. Temper high quality milk chocolate.
  2. Fill a chocolate mold with the tempered chocolate. Turn the mold upside down and tap the mold to remove excess chocolate.
  3. Scrape the excess chocolate from the surface and edges of the mold with a scraper or spatula. Fill the Mold with raspberry filling.
  4. Let set for 24 hours in a cool room with low humidity.
  5. Once set, top off with more tempered milk chocolate.
  6. De-mold the chocolates, serve and enjoy! 

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