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Catherine Reitman chats season six of 'Workin' Moms'

The actor also talks about filming the show during a pandemic and plays a round of 'This or That!' 
January 21, 2022 9:23 a.m. EST

It's time for fans of the hit TV series Workin' Moms to grab their favourite snacks and get ready! In an exclusive chat with the star and creator of the show Catherine Reitman, we got some juicy details about the new season, which is currently in production. The incredibly smart and funny series follows the lives of four 30-something urban moms juggling their careers, love life, and then some. Plus, the actor chats about being a mom in real life, and plays a little rapid-fire of 'This or That' with Marilyn. Watch the video clip for the full interview! 

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