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Eight One pan wonders to keep warm this season

Make the most of fall flavours and ingredients with these recipes!
November 23, 2021 1:19 p.m. EST

Perhaps the best thing about autumn is that it's a great time to reset and get back into a healthy, comforting routine—especially in the kitchen. But while nothing makes us happier than whipping up a cozy and nourishing meal on a chilly fall night, we still want something easy on the clean-up. We're all busy, and excessive cooking and cleaning are just not ideal most days. That's where one-pan meals come in. 

We've rounded up eight one-pan wonders from all-star chefs like Bianca Osbourne, Shahir Massoud, Julie Daniluk and Bob Blumer, that we believe will become your new weekday staples! From sheet pan salmon to hearty chickpea green curry, stay warm this season with these comforting dishes that will feed the entire family! 

Sheet pan citrus salmon with potato and arugula

This one-pan salmon dish is made with fresh oregano, orange and lemon zest and red pepper flakes, and served with baby potatoes and bright arugula. It will bring a bright and light vibe to any family dinner.  

Fast butter chicken

This will become a go-to recipe for feeding your family in a hurry. You can make it with brined Jackfruit or chickpeas if you want a vegan option. If you use roasted chicken, use the bones to make broth for the next morning. 

Cheery chimichurri sauce

You can enjoy this sauce on chicken or any protein of choice. It also tastes great on grilled meat or poached fish. 

Chickpea and tomato halabissa soup

This easy, hearty chickpea soup is loaded with vegetables in every bite. Made with tomatoes, cumin and chicken stock, this soup is perfect for a cold-weather day. 

Sheet pan kabocha squash with pumpkin seed pesto

This will easily become your favourite squash dish. Simply roasted, and easily a weekday favourite, all you need is salt, pepper, and oil to roast this squash to perfection.

Miso salmon and green beans

This colourful one-sheet miso salmon dish is served with crunchy green beans is packed with nutrition and flavour. 

Thai-style chickpea green curry

This vegetarian Thai green curry is the ultimate bowl of healthy comfort food to eat when you’re looking for a comforting, warm dinner. Made with Thai green curry paste, coconut milk, cumin and a boost of plant-based protein from chickpeas. 

Pumpkin pie soup

Warm-up to this sweet and savoury pumpkin pie soup on a cold day. Creamy and comforting, this soup is made with roasted squash, coconut milk, and pumpkin pie spices. 

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