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Four homemade and nutritious soups to keep you warm all winter long

Happy soup season!
January 25, 2023 9:17 a.m. EST
January 25, 2023 9:17 a.m. EST

It's soup season and what better way to celebrate than making your own at home? Nutritionist, Julie Daniluk shares four unique and nutrient-rich soups that will feel like a warm hug on those cold winter days. 

Golden chicken bone broth 

This broth is easy to make and brimming with detox nutrients. Turmeric adds a lovely golden hue and helps accelerate detoxification.

Butternut squash soup

Both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda suggest quashing your sweet cravings by adding more naturally sweet orange foods. Butternut squash is a great example, with deep-orange-colored flesh and a sweet flavour. This should be your go-to recipe when you have an upset tummy. It’s easy to digest and will keep up your strength.

Quick cauliflower soup

This is an excellent mild recipe for when you are convalescing. This soup provides lots of detox nutrients, including omega-3, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B9, choline and magnesium, and a lot of fiber as well.

Salad soup

People with tummy troubles often find lettuce difficult to digest. By cooking down the lettuce with delicious ingredients, you’ll find you get all the nutrition without the bloat.

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