How to achieve the hottest celeb decor trends for less

From Mandy Moore's casual boho vibe, to Kim Kardashian's ultra modern and monochromatic look.
Published May 2, 2019 1:11 p.m. EST
Last Updated May 2, 2019 1:11 p.m. EST

Everyone wants to live like a celebrity, in all senses of that word. So here are three major stars who have amazing homes. Natalie Chong is sharing how to achieve the same aesthetic look in your space, regardless if you have a 40 million dollar mansion to showcase or not! 

Kim Kardashian West

Kim and Kanye were striving for that stark, “almost-church-like-monastry” vibe! They hired a Belgian Architect Axel Vervoordt to create all white everything. A monochromatic colour scheme should start with your base colour palette and then begin layering up. Using that colour you will pull up the colours of your walls, fabrics and furnishings. We want to look for elements and pieces in the same colour family to create and layer your design. 

This is going to make all the difference in making your home feel cozy. Textures help stimulate your senses. Cottons, linens, sheepskins - everything has a soft visual texture which adds to the comfort. 

Swivel chair, $749 at Urban Barn  |  Sheepskin rug, $249 at Ikea  |  Console table, $229 at Structube  |  Pendant light, Structube

Mandy Moore

Mandy worked with designer Sarah Sherman Samuel to create her Mid-century Mansion. Which Sarah explains was a blend of vintage and contemporary, high and low price points and a good blend of feminine and masculine. Creating a space that is fresh, organic and modern. Items in the home are light, bright and easy where nothing is too previous for wear and tear from kids or dogs. 

The main things to focus on here are using pieces that are a nod to a specific period of time, but not to take it overboard. Pieces that have details of Mid Century but also pieces that have details of things that are current/tendy/edgy. Mixing high and low is key - which is the way that I usually design my spaces. Because collectively it reads as a beautiful home with beautiful pieces regardless if you bought that vase from a big box store like Homesense. 

All items from Homesense

Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo

Adam and Behati’s space is a blend of masculine and feminine. There are details that are light and airy - like their living room/bedroom and then his office which is panelled in black with a number of sentimental art: including sports paraphernalia and a few ethnic pieces from their travels - I am sure! 

In this space I decided to go with a more masculine vibe - similar to that of his office. As part of me wants to live in an all white bohemian fluffy feminine space and also part of me wants to live in a panelled all dark masculine den! 

We are focusing on colour, wood tones and textures.  

Bar stools from Homesense |  Bar cabinet from Ikea

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