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How to maximize storage in awkward spaces in your home

From tiny corners to sloped ceilings, our designer has the best secrets for making the most of the home you have.
October 22, 2020 10:30 a.m. EST
October 22, 2020 10:30 a.m. EST

We all have those spaces in our home that we aren't quite sure what to do with. Whether it's a tight corner, or sloped loft ceilings, finding ways to ultilize every last inch can often throw us for a loop. It's important to look at your space with a fresh perspective to see all it can offer. When you need to find space, it is always possible! You just have to get creative and look where u wouldn't always think you can make it work. ‎Consider these three solutions for common storage issues that Jane Lockhart swears by. 



Built-ins are effective for utilising every last inch as they can be tailored to fit all areas big and small. Be sure to measure everything you want to store to get the correct depth and height of units and shelves. When a ceiling is at an odd angle, custom storage can be created to suit your needs exactly.  Adding a long counter height self can double as a desk space, or simply more storage. You should always be looking for opportunities for double duty solutions. 

Toy storage


Add shelves and drawers wherever possible within a playroom so you can keep toys hidden and neat when not being used. Opt for neutral shades when choosing colours for the space since toys tend to be bursting with a kalidescope of colours. White walls and white storage units will let the toys shine as their own kind of decor. Make the most of any left over wall space with a custom wall book storage system. 

Under the Stairs


Use up every last bit of space in your home, including any space under the stairs, especially basement stairs. Add it a custom fitted bench to turn the often unused space into a cozy and inviting reading nook. The bench itself can have drawers or space for bins to act as further storage. Use space above head height (while sitting) to add shelves for book storage. Add a few colourful pillows and you'll have your new favourite space in your house!

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