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How to turn your dark basement into a bright and usable space

You'll never be scared to go down into the basement again.
August 22, 2019 9:53 a.m. EST
August 22, 2019 9:53 a.m. EST

A basement shouldn't just be for doing laundry or keeping storage. Utilize the space (no matter how scary it is) with designer Jane Lockhart's tips on how to turn it into a bright, airy and useable space. Once you're done, you'll never want to leave your new space! 

Tips to amp up your basement: 

  1. Think comfort and tailoring. PIck the biggest sofa you can find, as this is one room you can lounge in without regret! Large sofas are made in parts, so it's actually easier to get them down the stairs!
  2. Swivel chairs are an excellent choice for lounging, TV watching and talking. This makes for a functional and stylish piece of furniture.
  3. A coffee table that lifts to reveal “secret storage” is really what we all need. Who isn't eating in the basement watching TV?!
  4. Side tables are far more useful if they are a C shape, so they can get moved around and put right over the area of the sofa where you’re sitting.
  5. Pouffs with handles add huge value to any room ‎as they are flexible and easy to move. They can be a table or a seat. 
  6. Add bright pillows and art so that these stand out and add positive energy to the space. 
  7. Add side tables tables with two levels for storage of games, puzzles or magazines.

The following products were featured in this segment:

Niagara Tuck Side Table, $189 via Urban Barn | Sadie Swivel Armchair, $799 via Urban Barn | Nixon Sofa with Chaise, $3998 via Urban Barn | Parker Coffee Table, $799 via Urban Barn | Tarek Ottoman, $299 via Urban Barn | Harker Accent Table, $249 via Urban Barn | Kay Toss Throw Pillow, $42 via Urban Barn | Toss Throw Pillow, $49 via Urban Barn | Throw Pillow, $59 via Urban Barn | Platt Toss Throw Pillow, $42 via Urban Barn | Tyree Candle Holders, $9 - $18 via Urban Barn | Montreal Tray, $24.99 via Urban Barn | “NYC Balloons II” by Robert Jahns, $1,599 via Lumas | “Bouncy II” by Peter Funch, $279 via Lumas | “Bouncy IV” by Peter Funch, $279 via Lumas | Graphic Rug, $395 via Home Depot | Handknit Throw, $197.00 via Pottery Barn | Textured Throw , $131.00 via Pottery Barn | Floor/Reading Lamps, $59.99 via IKEA 

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