This bedroom design is so beautiful you'll want to start re-doing your own room ASAP

It's so serene we feel calmer just looking at it!
Published February 14, 2019 10:21 a.m. EST
Last Updated February 14, 2019 10:21 a.m. EST

A bedroom makeover is one of the best ways to surprise your partner on Valentine's Day! That's exactly what we did when a viewer wrote in to us hoping to surprise his wife. Designer Natalie Chong did not disappoint and even has five tips on how you can create your own perfect bedroom retreat!

The following products were featured in this segment:

MALM Bedframe, $269 via IKEA | MAUSUN Natural Latex Mattress, $699 via IKEA | Sheepskin, $39.99 via IKEA | Halo Ceiling Light, $2945 via Elte | Abode Ivory, $525 via Elte MKT | Sands Nightstand, $1985 via Elte | Sheridan Nightstand, $1775 via Elte | Luster Glass Pendant, $795 via Elte | JuJu Hat Collection, $850 via Nomadic Citizen | Baxter Bench, $2575 via Elte | Arm Chair, $875 via Elte MKT | Pull Up Table, $595 via Elte MKT | Reversible Throw, $399.96 via Elte MKT | Moroccan Stripe Pillow, $225 via Elte MKT | Peca Pillow, $445 via Elte | Bedsheets via White Terry | Shandy Pillow, $69.95 via Tonic Living | Thornton Stripe Pillow, $50.95 via Tonic Living | Drapery, custom flat panel in Tuscany linen white with muslin lining

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