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Butler-approved products to keep your kitchen in tip-top shape

From food prep to storage, cleaning, and beyond.
March 6, 2023 1:18 p.m. EST
March 6, 2023 1:18 p.m. EST

Looking to set up your kitchen for success? Charles the Butler shares his approved products for all your kitchen needs. Shop the products below.

Anna Olson Kitchen 5-Piece Baking Essential Set

This copper baking set includes a baking sheet, a cooling wire rack, a rectangular cake pan, and two round cake pans. Each piece has a non-stick coating and waffle-design bottoms.

SHOP: Anna Olson Kitchen 5-Piece Baking Essential Set; $129.99 at The Bay

OXO Pop 2.0 10-Piece Starter Set

This popular set is perfect for new homeowners, gift registries, or back to school. The set contains two small square containers, two small square short containers, one small square tall container, two rectangle mini containers, one rectangle medium container, one big square short container, and one big square medium. The containers are stackable for optimal countertop and pantry organization.

SHOP: OXO Pop 2.0 10-Piece Starter Set; $169.99 at Danescoinc

Bowl Covers

These beautiful bowl covers come in different sizes and are the perfect alternative to transition to a more earth-friendly kitchen.

SHOP: Bowl Covers; $8 at Your Green Kitchen

Linen Waffle Tabletop Collection

Bring easy style to the table with this everyday tabletop collection. It’s designed to be durable and highly absorbent.

SHOP: Linen Waffle Tabletop Collection; $39-$179 at Parachute Homes

Repurposed Linen Kitchen Towel

These kitchen towels are made from Somn Home’s bedding offcuts so they are upcycled and repurposed. They dry fast and are super absorbent.

SHOP: Repurposed Linen Kitchen Towel; $20 at Somn Home

360 Swivel Spray Mop

The 360 Swivel Spray Mop comes as a total floor cleaning kit with nine microfiber pads and Elva’s All Naturals all-in-one-cleanser. The pads are machine washable and reusable.

SHOP: 360 Swivel Spray Mop; $128.99 at Elva’s All Naturals

Dish Butter and Brush 

This one dish of butter is equal to two bottles of liquid dish soap. It comes with a reusable and refillable container. Twist the dish brush to pick up a small amount of the dish butter and tackle dishes pots and pans.

SHOP: Dish Brush; $25 at Nellie’s Clean | Forever Brush; $12 at Nellie’s Clean

SHOP: Dish Brush; $25 at Nellie’s Clean | Forever Brush; $12 at Nellie’s Clean

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