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Light up your house this Halloween with these last minute ideas

Take your home from cozy to creepy.
October 27, 2021 10:49 a.m. EST

In a pinch and looking for some ways to add creepy Halloween outdoor lighting to your yard? Outdoor expert Owen Reeves shares last minute ideas that are sure to make your house the coolest on the block. 

String Lights 

LED spider web

This eerie web can be used inside the house or outside. With a 5-foot lead wire, you don't have to worry about being close to an outlet. 

Shop the LED spider web, $10 at Walmart

Spider string lights

Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, you can hang these lights anywhere.

Shop the Spider string lights, $10 at Walmart

Lantern string lights

This set feature spooky ghosts and bats and are lit with incandescent lights, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Shop the Lantern string lights, $10 at Walmart

Blinking eye string lights

This box of string lights is perfect for creating the ultimate creepy haunted house setting.

Shop the Blinking eye string lights, $25 at Spirit Halloween

Lawn stakes

Ghost lawn stakes

These ghosts are cuter than they are creepy. The set of three comes with lawn stakes to make outdoor placement a cinch, or use this adorable trio to accent your indoor decor. 

Shop the Ghost lawn stakes, $15 at Walmart

Pumpkin lawn stakes

No time to carve a pumpkin? No problem! Just stick these Jack-o-Lanterns on your lawn and you're good to go.

Shop the Pumpkin lawn stakes, $15 at Walmart

For your pumpkin

Flaming pumpkin

This decoration is sure to remind you of a Halloween classic, Trick'r Treat. This flaming pumpkin will be sure to protect you from a visit from Sam as long as you don't take down the rest of your d├ęcor before November 1st! 

Shop the Flaming pumpkin, $60 at Spirit Halloween

Colour changing pumpkin eyes

Add some spook-tacular fun to your pumpkin with these cool colour-changing eyeballs.

Shop the Colour changing pumpkin eyes, $6 at Party City

Flaming pumpkin light

Make your pumpkin stand out with this fiery, multi-colour light.

Shop the Flaming pumpking light, $10 at Party City

Projection LED lights

Green spider projection spot light

Light up your home or yard with this spider spotlight! This light features green spiders that will add the perfect cast of light to any haunting decorations.

Shop the Green spider projection spot light, $25 at Spirit Halloween

Red and white Halloween lightshow projector

Maximum impact with minimal effort! This product displays magical lighting almost anywhere. Use it on indoor or outdoor surfaces, including exterior or interior walls, living spaces, front doors, porches, garage doors, fences, trees and shrubs. 

Shop the Red and white Halloween lightshow projector, $30 at Walmart

Strobe light

This intense Halloween LED Strobe Light is great decoration for your house or lawn.

Shop the Strobe light, $8 at Party City