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Step up your décor this spring with these trending staircase designs

We promise these designs are stare-worthy!
April 25, 2023 11:19 a.m. EST
April 25, 2023 11:19 a.m. EST

Design expert, Natalie Chong shares the staircase trends that will take style and design to new heights—literally. Watch the video to get her design tips.

Metal and Wood

This is the perfect balance of both materials. It gives the modern aesthetic of metal with the softer elements of wood. Usually, it’s paired with a rounded bottom curb and bullnose treads.

Sleek Metal Staircases

This simple and modern design allows the staircase to be the architectural moment.

Soft Curves and Organic Simplicity

Create a relaxing and calm atmosphere with this design. The sweeping, soft edges create a more inviting and informal look, making it look more elegant.

Decorative and Ornate Balustrades


Ornate metalwork is prevalent in the design world at the moment. Curves are coming through, specifically in archways when it comes to stair design.

Statement Marble/Stone


Create a point of interest on your stairs with gorgeous marble/stonework.


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