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Tips on organizing your home after the holidays

Keep your holiday décor in good condition for years to come!
January 3, 2022 11:15 a.m. EST

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After all the holiday fun is done, we must take it all down and store it for another year. Organization expert Michele Delory shared his top holiday décor organization hacks, plus tips on how to keep your home cozy even after the holidays are over. 

Create a gifting station 

Create a gifting station in an area like the storage room or back of a closet door to hang gift wrap, bows and washi tapes using command hooks and dowel rods. You can also store greeting cards and gift tags into pretty boxes that are easy to store within the gifting section. TIP: Use the laundry basket to store gift wrap at your gifting station.

When you're finished, go through all the gift wrap and bags and make sure it’s still in good condition or there is enough to use. This also includes holiday cards and gift tags. Only keep the ones that you still want.  

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Declutter your baking tools

After all the gingerbread cookies are sweets are made, be sure to declutter the baking drawer or cupboard and remove any expired baking items and let go of any cookie cutters you no longer want or use. Sort out what you to keep by placing similar items together into a mix of drawer inserts, jars and containers for easy access. A cool hack is also using a muffin tin within a drawer to separate the cookie cutters and baking items. No more messy baking tools all mixed up!

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Use the storage area effectively 

Make sure everything is still in good condition, and that you still want to decorate for next year as your personal home style evolves. Put similar items together and use holiday cookie tins for ornaments. TIP: Protect breakable baubles with coffee filters or cupcake liners. Use clear containers for toiletries that stack to store the smaller decor. You can wrap holiday lights with cardboard and place them in clear containers.

For those who want to upcycle, you can use egg cartons or beverage trays from your coffee or drink run to hold the ornaments and stack them into clear containers to store.

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Storing your Christmas tree properly

If you use an artificial tree, you probably either use the same box that it came in to store it, which takes up so much room, or you put it all in a large garbage bag. A hack you can try is to use builders tubes to store them, and you can use more than one if your tree comes apart in different sections. Then you can stand it up vertically in your storage locker or closet, or slide the tubes in your garage rafters above.

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