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We bring two backyards back to life with our patio rescue makeover

Owen Reeves shares tips to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to your patio.
June 23, 2022 2:27 p.m. EST
June 23, 2022 2:27 p.m. EST

A backyard patio makeover doesn’t have to be costly to be luxurious. Sometimes all it takes is the right lighting, furniture and a little décor magic to create your dream outdoor space. Outdoor expert Owen Reeves shared all the tips and tricks you need to freshen up your patio for the season. Watch the video clip to see his tips in action when we rescue two viewers’ backyards with low-cost, high-impact pieces from brands like Home Sense, Sheridan Nurseries, Hideaway Screens and Ikonik. Shop the décor and furniture below to create your own patio oasis.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are an amazing solution for so many of us. Whether you want to hide an area of your space that is messy or cover up a fence or even a view of a neighbour, these screens are perfect and even add to your outdoor décor. Select a finish that requires zero maintenance and material like aluminum for a lightweight option.

SHOP: Macchiia Screen in Weathered Iron; at Ikonik | Hexx Privacy Screen Panel, $287 per panel at Hideaway Screens | Solid Privacy Screen Panel; $318 per panel at Hideaway Screens



Plants can also help with privacy as well. White Bird of Paradise is great for larger spaces with lots of sun. The Chamaedorea cataractarium is perfect for medium spaces that have morning sun and afternoon shade. And the Kimberly Fern is the ultimate small space plant that thrives in shade.

SHOP: White Bird of Paradise; $69.99 at Sheridan Nurseries | Chamaedorea Cataractarium; $89.99 at Sheridan Nurseries | Kimberly Ferns; $39.99 at Sheridan Nurseries

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