A powerful and candid conversation about anti-Black racism in Canada

Their poignant words challenged us to listen, learn and commit to change. We will continue our journey to better amplify Black voices.
Published June 8, 2020 9:54 a.m. EST
Last Updated June 8, 2020 9:54 a.m. EST

On today’s show, we continue our journey to better amplify Black voices. Marilyn sat down with hair stylist Janet Jackson, chef Bianca Osbourne and chef Roger Mooking to hear about their lived experiences with racism and have an open conversation surrounding diversity, inclusivity and what changes need to be made for society to progress forward. Their poignant words challenged us to listen, learn and commit to change. 

Below is a compiled list of ways that anyone, but especially non-Black people, can support the Black community by educating themselves, getting involved, donating and more. Thank you to Bianca Osbourne for sharing many of these suggestions. 


    A critical step in ensuring that the Black community in our country has access to necessary resources is to support charities and organizations. If you're financially able to, consider donating to help these Canadian-based groups fund their incredible efforts.

    • The Black Business and Professional Association offers scholarships, programs and mentorships for Black businesses and professionals in Canada.
    • Black Legal Action Centre provides legal services to low or no income Black residents of Ontario.
    • Black Youth Helpline is a national helpline that provides support and barrier-free access to mental health services for teens and their families. 
    • Black Woman In Motion provides resources, workshops and an inclusive space for Black womxn and non-binary folx of intersectional identities.
    • Caribbean African Canadian Social Services supports individuals, families and youth from the African, Caribbean, and Diaspora (ACD) communities to reach their full potential.
    • NIA Centre for the Arts showcases, supports and promotes an appreciation of arts from across the African Diaspora by providing opportunities for artists to gain new skills and push their creative limits.
    • Federation of Black Canadians advances Black Canadians’ social, economic, political and cultural interests across the nation. 


    Making an impact doesn't always have to hold a monetary value. A cost-free way to make a difference is by signing petations with an aim for equality, justice and holding those in positions of power accountable.

    • You can demand justice for George Floyd by signing a petition here.
    • You can demand racial data on police involved in Canadian deaths by signing a petition here
    • Contact the federal government or your local MP with this form letter in English or this one in French
    • Send a love letter to Black Lives Matter to share how much you value their work with this letter template
    • Hold the business you work for accountable with this form letter 


    Gaining new perspectives is always important - and diversifying your bookshelf is a great place to start. These titles share powerful and painful experiences that will help you learn from the struggles and the triumphs of those around you. If you can purchase these books locally from a Black-owned book store, supporting those businesses is another good way to amplify Black voices.  


    If you already have access to a popular streaming service, consider adding one of these series or films to your watch list. From documentaries to comedy shows, there are a variety of genres that amplify eye-opening stories of the Black community.


    If there are any other books, films, or other resources that you have found helpful in your own journey to become a better ally, please share them below and we will continue to update this list for others to reference.