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Entertaining essentials that will take your holiday party to the next level

Whether you're hosting holiday cocktails or a sit-down dinner, these tips and products are perfect for any host!
November 26, 2019 10:29 a.m. EST
November 26, 2019 10:29 a.m. EST

With the holidays quickly approaching, many of us are getting ready to host all types of get-togethers. From brunches to elegant dinners, setting up your space for guests requires great attention to detail. With the help of Entertaining Expert Sebastien Centner, we rounded up the best tips and products that will take your holiday party from ordinary to unforgettable!


The versatility of a multi-use tray makes it an essential item in any household, especially during the holidays! We recommend keeping at least two trays in your home as they always come in handy when hosting a get-together. One tray can be used to complement your decor by being used as a stand for flowers and knick-knacks while the other tray can be used for party essentials. If you're having a dinner party, you can place a centrepiece onto the tray for your dining table but if you're hosting a brunch, you can set it up with a french press and a sugar dish! 

Featured: Multi-Use Tray; IKEA, $14.99


You can never go wrong with a beautiful bar tool set. We can assure you that it'll be the focal gem of any party! Scrambling to find a bottle opener or a wine glass is never an ideal situation, which is why we love having a bar kit handy. Most bar kits come with an ice bucket, bottle opener, jigger, strainer, spoon, muddler and ice scoop. Everything you could ever need to make the perfect cocktail will be in one place for you and your guests to enjoy!

Featured: Bar Tool Set; Crate&Barrel, $129.95


Worried about wine stains on your carpets and tablecloths? Stemless wine glasses are less likely to be knocked over on a table and also less likely to break. While the obvious reason to purchase them would be for housing wine during a get-together, you can also use them for desserts or appetizers! From chia pudding to granola trifles, there are numerous mini-meals that look great in a stemless wine glass. 

Featured: Stemless Wine Glasses 17 oz., Set of 12; Crate&Barrel. $29.95


Aside from glassware, cutlery and dish sets are what guests will interact most with during a meal. When it comes to cutlery, 20-piece sets are usually meant for 4 place settings. We recommend purchasing enough cutlery to fill 8 place settings. If you have a larger family or a bigger guest list, adjust accordingly.

While you might be tempted to buy an entirely new collection of plates during the holidays, save your money! It’s not necessary to splurge on a whole new set. Instead, pick out salad plates or soup bowls that tie in with the theme of your get-together. For example, cherry coloured plates are perfect for the month of December, but can also be used all year round.

Featured: 20-Piece Earl Brushed Gold And Resin Flatware Set; CB2, $159 | Drift Reactive Red Dinner Plate; CB2. $17.95 | Drift Reactive Red Soup Bowl; CB2, $14.95


It might seem unnecessary to purchase a cake stand if you’re not serving a cake, but it can be used for a variety of food items! If you’re hosting a brunch, you can set up a marble cake stand with muffins, croissants, granola parfaits and more. Adding a few garnishes and decorations around the stand will make it look sophisticated and classy. For a cocktail party, you can turn the cake stand into a tray for champagne flutes, cheeses and small appetizers.

Featured: Marble + Brass Cake Stand; west elm, $54


Beverage coolers are always a great solution, but for a holiday party, you’ll likely want something more classy than a blue and white cooler. Luckily, there are numerous gold beverage tubs that will complement your holiday decor! Opt for one with cut out handles so that you can easily transport the tub from one room to another as needed. 

Featured: Small Gold Bash Beverage Tub; Crate & Barrel, $119.95

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