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We surprised one inspiring viewer by completely redesigning her sewing room

And her reaction is so amazing it will make everyone's day better!
September 3, 2020 10:22 a.m. EST
September 3, 2020 10:22 a.m. EST

In celebration of our 10th season, we decided to surprise 10 deserving people and Colleen is one of our 10 in 10! Her three kids wrote to us and shared a story that we simply couldn't ignore. 

Reflecting on their childhood, her children agreed that sewing is a huge part of who she is. From toys to dresses, she truly did it all. Around 9 years ago, Colleen started to show symptoms of primary lateral sclerosis. Her speech began to get slower and more slurred, which escalated further. She was officially diagnosed with PLS, which is a neuromuscular disease that's degenerative over time. It affects the nerves in the brain and their connection to your voluntary muscles. The disease slowly moved down her spine into her legs, affecting her entire quality of life. She had no choice but to retire, and now spends most of her time at home.

Sewing was always her biggest passion and we wanted to create a space that she could enjoy being in. After the modifications she's had to make in her life, she needed a space that functions for her specifically. With the help and creativity of designer Kasia Waloszczyk and organization expert Michele Delory, we were able to take Colleen's cluttered room into a sewing sanctuary! From piles of stuff in every corner to an organizational system that looks as good as it functions, Colleen's revamped space is the perfect room to help her get back into meaningful projects.

Featured: BAROMETER Work Lamp; IKEA, $44.99 | RÅSKOG Utility Cart; IKEA, $39.99 | KLIMPEN Table; IKEA, $249 | LÅNGFJÄLL Office Chair; IKEA, $199 | ALEX Drawer Unit; IKEA, $159 | SKÄRIG Wall Clock; IKEA, $15.99 | SKÅDIS Pegboard; IKEA, $23.99 | 

Acrylic Double Stand, $13.50 | PP File Box 1/2 - White Grey, $6.50 | PP Makeup Box, $7.50 | PP Makeup Box 1/2, $6 | PP Makeup Box 1/4 with Partitions, $3.50 | PP Carry Box, $15 | PP Organizer Box 2, $2.50 | Cleaning System - Lint Roller, $9 | Desk Broom Set with Dustpan, $6.50 | Cleaning System - Aluminium Telescopic Pole, $8 | PP File Box 1/2 - Frosted, $6.50 | PP File Box Full - White Grey, $18 | PP Organizer Box 4, $3 | PP Drawer Organizer 1, $2.25 | PP Drawer Organizer 2, $4.00 - Available at your local MUJI

Thanks to Hamilton House Painters and GEM Electrical Services


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