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How to reconnect after the pandemic, from a psychologist’s perspective

Dr. Jody Carrington shares how she connected with the sister she didn't know she had.
July 14, 2021 2:06 p.m. EST

Humans are wired for connection. When we are born, connection keeps up alive, and as we age, it helps us operate at our best. According to psychologist Dr. Jody Carrington, our neurochemistry, physical bodies and emotions are highly connected to the company that we keep. Reconnection after time away is even more critical, because even the nature of the word indicates that you never arrive—it’s always work to stay connected. Dr. Carrington believes the ones that reconnect best seem to be the ones who understand the importance of and the skill it takes to repair when the connection breaks and to apologize when there’s hurt. Marilyn sits down with Dr. Carrington to chat about reconnection topics like how we can initiate plans to feel safe and comfortable when social anxiety is high, catching up on the things we’ve missed with loved ones and the 3 ways we can reconnect back to ourselves on a daily basis.

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