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The best Father’s Day gift ideas for every type of dad

That’s right, these ideas are tailored to all the important men in your life.
June 17, 2022 1:41 p.m. EST

If there’s ever a moment to pull out all the stops for the guy you’ve always looked up to, it’s Father’s Day. But finding a great gift for your dad is no easy feat, especially if you want to deliver something unique. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place! With the help of  Adam Wylde and chef Rodney Bowers, we rounded up the best Father’s Day gifts for dads of all kinds, including your gifts for your stepdad, father-in-law, and grandpa, too. From coffee roasters to shavers, browse our top picks and celebrate all the important men in your life.

Phillips Shaver Series 9000

With summer right around the corner, it’s more important than ever to Dad to keep things fresh for in-person reunions and celebrations. Phillips is here to make that easy with their most advanced shaver to date. It uses AI to give you a truly personalized shave, plus you can pair it with the GroomTribe app to get personalized advice based on specific skin issues, track the progress of your skin and master your technique.

SHOP: S900 Shaver $279.99 at Phillips

Phillips Flosser

Upgrade your flossing routine with the new Phillips Sonicare Power Cordless Power Flosser. It’s equipped with proprietary Quad Stream technology to cover more areas of the tooth and requires less technique than manual floss for faster and more effective flossing. The four x-shaped streams help water reach deep between teeth for a gentle, yet thorough clean without the mess or discomfort of manual floss. Designed to remove plaque and debris from hard-to-reach areas and cordless for easy handling, the Cordless Power Flosser makes it easy for Dad to maintain healthy flossing habits, even on the go.

SHOP: Power Cordless Power Flosser; $99.99 at Phillips

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

49th Parallel is one of Canada’s leading specialty coffee roasters offering small-batch roasted coffee. They source the highest quality beans through direct relationships with top coffee bean producers across the globe, with a strong commitment to sustainability. They are offering a set of ‘Dad’s Favourite’ roasts, including a matching cup and saucer and old-school espresso, organic breakfast roast, and organic French roast.  

SHOP: ‘Dad’s Favourite’ Roasts Set; $95 at 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters

The Sleepout Curtain

Get the best sleep ever with these blackout curtains, created by a former insomniac and his partner for better sleep. These curtains are made with 100% blackout fabric that's thermal insulating and sound blocking, creating the best possible sleep environment. Yes, please!

SHOP: The Sleepout Curtain; $120 at Sleepout 

Everlast fitness products

Help Dad stay fit with some gear from the leader in boxing and fitness equipment! 

SHOP: Power Cable Resistance Kit; $39.99 at Everlast | Weighted Jump Rope; $22.99 at Everlast | 18" EVA Roller; $39.99 at Everlast 

Body care products

Indulge with this full set for body care! This deluxe box includes staple products from Groom, as well as a luxurious sea sponge. 

SHOP: Deluxe Body Care set; $125 at Groom

Fitbit Charge 5


Fitbit’s Charge 5, available at Best Buy Canada, is the latest in their most popular line of health and fitness trackers, packing Fitbit's most advanced technology and sensors into a thinner, sleek design perfect for any wellness-minded Dad.

SHOP: Fitbit Charge 5; $229.95 at Best Buy Canada

Fujifilm Printlife


When was the last time you printed photos? Fujifilm Printlife aims to inspire, educate, and create awareness about the importance of printing your digital photos. They offer many easy and creative ways to print your photos from their user=friendly site, so they are not just another file in the Cloud. They also offer a wide range of high-quality products to customize and preserve your favourite memories. You can create everything from personalized socks to photo books, mugs, prints, and more to help that special someone relieve their favourite moments for years to come.

SHOP: Fujifilm Printlife Gift Card; $100 at Fujifilm | Personalized Socks; $26.99 at Fujifilm | Camping Mug; $21.99 at Fujifilm | Photo Book; $11.99 at Fujifilm

Ninja CREAMi

Get ready to transform almost anything into ice cream, sorbet, milkshakes, and more with the Ninja CREAMi. Create customizable treats with total control of your ingredients for sugar, keto, dairy-free and vegan options—a perfect treat for Father’s Day. Seven one-touch programs allow for the perfect combination of speed, pressure, and time to completely shave through your frozen pint. Simply prep your base, freeze overnight, process, and enjoy.

SHOP: Ninja CREAMi; $249.99 at Ninja

Reef gift card

Reef is a sustainable and eco-friendly footwear brand. Each shoe is made from $100% recycled polyester derived from post-consumer plastic bottles. 

SHOP: Gift card at Reef 

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