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10 Independent Canadian fashion brands you need to know about

Keep these brands in mind whenever you’re considering your next well-earned shopping spree!
January 10, 2022 9:31 a.m. EST
January 10, 2022 9:31 a.m. EST

We love shopping in the big high street stores as much as the next person. After all, whether it’s Zara, H&M, or Forever 21, who doesn’t want stylish clothes at affordable prices? But shopping only from huge brands is a bit like following the guidebook and sticking to the main tourist attractions when you’re on vacation. There’s so much more to see out there, you just have to get off the beaten track to enjoy it. Enter the fantastic world of independent Canadian fashion brands. 

Canada is blessed with countless independent brands on the cutting edge of fashion, many of which are perfectly suited for a conscious consumer. We're here to help you branch out from your usual shopping routines—from eco-friendly and ethical garments to accessories that will make a statement, here are our top ten brands that are making a name for themselves around the country! 

Eliza Faulkner

Love bold colours and clean lines? How about classic silhouettes and feminine shapes? If so, head on over to Montreal to visit the inimitable Eliza Faulkner.

Aside from her unique style, beautiful designs, and top-quality material, we love that her clothing is ethically crafted from start to finish by local artisans in Montreal. If you’re looking for sustainable, eco-friendly fashion, then it doesn’t get much better.

SHOP: Gold Daisy Cece Dress; $395 at Eliza Faulkner


Simple, elegant, and incredibly wearable, Priory is a Vancouver-based fashion brand renowned for its beautiful stripped-back minimalist designs.

Founded in 2012 by three childhood friends, Mei Liu, David Lin, and Eunice Quan, it quickly established itself as a go-to brand for modern, ethical, and unpretentious clothing. Ultimately, there’s a lot to love about Priory!

We swoon over their focus on quality and comfort, alongside their use of hand-picked textiles. The fact they manufacture all of their collections in a small family-run factory is the cherry on top.

SHOP: Vegan Leather Green Bell Jacket; $597 at Priory

Horses Atelier

For unique, timeless, feminized, and functional pieces that scream “wear me,” look no further than Horses Atelier.

The proud Toronto-based brand was founded in 2012 by best-friends Claudia Dey and Heidi Sopinka. Riding high on a clear philosophy of “utility, beauty, wildness, and endurance,” they’ve now been profiled in everything from Vogue to Glamour!

Aside from their flawless designs, we adore this Canadian fashion brand for its women-founded, women-run nature, and commitment to sewing every single piece in Toronto.

SHOP: Belted Field Suit; $476 at Horses Atelier

Hello Darling

Say hello to Miriam Delos Santos, the creator behind Winnipeg-based Hello Darling. That’s right, Santos curates the textiles, designs the items, and then manufactures them all by herself!

Did somebody say fast fashion? Didn’t think so.

With all of her fabrics made in Canada and the US, Hello Darling’s bold, bright, and colourful headwear and accessories represent slow fashion at its finest. 

SHOP: The Linen Crown; $50 at Hello Darling

Heirloom Hats

As the name suggests, Heirloom Hats designs and manufactures stunning headpieces and hats that stand the test of time.

The brainchild of Samantha-Tara Mainville produces stunning silhouettes in a wide range of colours that make the millinery both fun and unique. Made slow and sustainably, Heirloom’s headwear is handmade in their studio, which is an added bonus in ethics.

SHOP: Steppe, Custom Colour; $280 at Heirloom Hats

Evan Ducharme

We loved Evan Ducharme the moment we saw their tagline: “Indigenous aesthetic, authentically.”

A Metis artist with ancestral ties to numerous indigenous peoples, Ducharme is renowned for masterfully blending Metis iconography with the “heightened utilitarianism.”

You’ll find this unmistakable independent Canadian fashion brand on BC’s unceded Coast Salish territory and soon fall head over heels for their incredible evening wear, outerwear, or separates.

SHOP: Atavism, Garments Made to Order; at Evan Ducharme

Hoi Bo

Handmade to last, Hoi Bo’s another Toronto-based fashion label that’s hot on sustainability, ethics, and quality.

Considered highly wearable, Hoi Bo tries to balance functionality, craft, design, and beauty in everything they create. From what we’ve seen, everything from their eco-friendly ethos to the quality of their clothing is up there with the very best brands in the market.

SHOP: Off Shoulder Long Sleeve in Royal Fern; $128 at Hoi Bo

Rebecca King Fashion House

Stylish, modern, woman-owned, Saskatoon’s Rebecca King Fashion House impresses us for lots of reasons.

But affordability stands out as a significant selling point. Whenever sustainability’s taken into account, and you can still pick up a gorgeous (see the editor’s pick) floor-length maxi for under $150, you’ll always get our seal of approval!

SHOP: Coral Stipe Magnolia Maxi; $138 at Rebecca King Fashion House

Olann Handmade

Let’s face it, high-quality knitwear has its place in any self-respecting fashionista’s wardrobe! And when it’s handmade from sustainably-sourced materials in small batches, it’d be downright rude not to get your hands on some.

Enter Olann Handmade. A one-woman show based in Sooke, Emily Mabel Scholes Williaume has all of your knitwear needs covered. With all items made to order, this is slow fashion at its very best.

SHOP: Haven Cardigan; $250 at Olann Handmade


Want to feel as good as you look? Shop at Vancouver-based brand SophieGrace.

Founded by mom, entrepreneur, and activist, Emma May, the label sets out to make dressing elegantly easy! Get ready for stunning pieces that combine style and comfort, with a special emphasis on mix-and-match staples.

If that wasn’t enough, the small runs, ethical production processes, and the fact that 70% of their garments are made in Vancouver make SophieGrace a perfect store for any conscious consumer.

SHOP: The Patsy Kick Flare Pants; $185 at SophieGrace