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Add these ultra-soothing beauty products to your self care routine

The right beauty rituals can be the perfect pick-me-up during stressful times.
January 13, 2021 1:53 p.m. EST
January 13, 2021 1:53 p.m. EST

While we all still weather the storm of Covid-19, finding new rituals to add into our selfcare routine can be the difference between a good day and a bad day. While beauty products might seem frivoulous while working from home and living in sweats, taking a little time feel "normal" again can do wonders for your psyche. Christine Cho shared some of her favourite products that add a little extra jazz into your beauty routine and help bring on a little extra calm - which we can all use a little more of right now! 

Natural Skincare

While natural isn't always necessarily better, with all the hormonal changes that may effect the skin - simple is better. Less ingredients, less fragrance, colour, harsh actives or other potential irritants is a good idea. Babies also tend to be quite sensitive to scents, and they prefer mom's natural scent. Using a scent-free deodorant is a great option - like Saje's Au Naturel natural deodorant.

Shop: Saje Au Naturel Natural Deodorant, $18

Petit Pleasures

Even brushing your hair can seem like a monumental task when you're adjusting to motherhood. The Manta Brush has flexguard technology which gently detangles even the most fragile hair and massages sensitive scalp for optimal hair health. Founder Tim Binnington designed the brush for his wife, who was dealing with challenging effects of medical treatments like losing her hair.

Using an electronic facial massager like Elizabeth Grant's Beauty Wand Face & Eye Massager with favourite skincare products can help them absorb better and improve circulation while relieving pressure. This tool is great to use with facial oils, serums and creams.

Shop: Elizabeth Grant Beauty Wand Face and Eye Massager, $50  |  MANTA healthy hairbrush, $42.00 at Loshen & Crem 

Makeup To Wake Up

Applying even a tiny bit of makeup can brighten the face and lift the mood. While recent budget changes may leave less to spend on items like makeup, there are some great affordable drugstore options, like Revlon's Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick. It's moisturizing like a lip balm, and shines like a brilliant gloss. The 25 shades contain hyaluronic acid, aloe, and rose quartz, and are free of parabens. Revlon's So Fierce Mascara helps eyes look more open and wide awake, as well as providing subtle definition. Lashes appear longer, more voluminous without clumps or flakes - mimicking the look of lash extensions without the price tag or appointment. When you're holding a newborn up to your face, it's nice to leave the skin bare sometimes while still getting a pop of colour on lips and eye opening effect for video chats, essentials run, or even just a self confidence boost.

Shop:  Revlon Super Lustrous Glass Shine Lipstick; $10.47 at Walmart  |  Revlon So Fierce mascara; $12.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart

Unwashed Hair Fresh

Bathing and hair washing take a back seat when you're a new mom, but feeling fresh shouldn't. Dry shampoo is definitely on regular rotation when you can't wash hair as often as you like. Between washes, I spray Marc Anthony's Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Shampoo at the roots to absorb excess oil while leaving a fresh tropical scent and light clean feel with no residue.

Once the roots feel fresher, hairstyles like braids that keep hair off the face are particularly helpful while getting things done. I like to spray and brush in KMS Moist Repair leave-in conditioner into towel-dried hair. It detangles, adds weightless shine, and makes hair easier to brush and style, no matter what you do with it; no matter what you have to get done for the day.

Shop: KMS MoistRepair Leave-In Conditioner, $24  |  Marc Anthony's Refreshing Coconut Clear Dry Shampoo, $12.99 at

Thin & Thick Of It

Hair can appear thinner postpartum, but it's possible to style it to appear fuller while hair growth returns to normal and catches up. Oribe's Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse pre-blow-out gives a little taste of the salon at home. Hair has soft touchable body without any crunch or residue, and hair actually gets stronger and hydrated. 

The scalp area in particular can appear sparse. Adding Toppik Hair Building Fibers to the root area adds temporary density and volume via natural coloured keratin protein that is statically charged. The hairline looks totally natural and full, especially when you're rocking that stay at home ponytail or messy top-knot bun.

Shop: Oribe Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse, $39  |  Toppik Hair Fibers Starter Set, $49.95

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