The latest in cold weather fashion for your and your dog

Because who wouldn't want to twin with their pet?
Published December 3, 2019 10:00 a.m. EST
Last Updated December 3, 2019 10:00 a.m. EST

While we have a soft spot for dogs, taking them out for walks in the winter isn't exactly ideal. To make the task a little more fun, Stylist Erika Wark showed us how we can look fashionable while still staying warm with our four-legged family members! The weather might be cold and frightful, but that doesn't mean your outfits have to be. 


During a cold and dark season, stepping out of your comfort zone with bold patterns will definitely make you stand out! We're obsessed with puffer jackets this season, especially ones with showstopping prints. It's no secret that the neon trend is here to stay and you can ease your way into it by using accessories. Fingerless gloves are a great way to stay practical for extra grip on your leash, while still staying stylish. Best of all, you can put your dog in a bright neon yam to stand out in the pack!

Featured Outfit: Jacket; Winners, $149.99 | Sweater; Vallier, $219.99 | Pants; Nordstrom, $142 | Dog Sweater; Canada Pooch, $39 | Fanny Pack; Longchamp, $260 | Hat; Adrienne Landau via Sporting Life, $60 | Gloves; Halogen via Nordstrom, $59 | Boots; Cougar, $80


Though it's always exciting to accessorize with bold colours, some might prefer to invest in timeless pieces that will never go out of style. If that's the case, keep things neutral with your gloves, hats and mitts. Neutral accessories are a great choice as they can be mixed and matched depending on what outerwear jacket you wear that day. For those that love an extra warm jacket, you won't be disappointed by the Wuxly Parka! Not only does it look fabulous, but it's designed to help you feel your warmest without any extra bulk. 

For a matching set, a rugged water-resistant shell will keep your dog protected from all-weather while still offering warmth with faux-fur trim. 

Featured Outfit: Hat; Tilley, $58 | Scarf; Old Navy, $24.99 | Sweater; Old Navy, $44.99 | Jeans; Gap, $79.95 | Jacket; Wuxly, $795 | Boots; Ecco, $370 | Dog Jacket; Canada Pooch, $48 | Glove; Kombi, $59.95


Down insulation offers excellent thermal properties and is produced from a layer of fine feathers. It gets the job done during rough Canadian winters, but it doesn't always have to look dull! The Freestyle Jacket by SAM is the perfect example of how to balance style with practicality. Not only will it elevate almost any winter outfit, but you'll never find yourself shivering again. 

Featured Outfit: Sweater; Sporting Life, $120 | Turtleneck; Sporting Life, $34.96 | Jeans; Levi’s via Sporting Life, $98 | Jacket; SAM via Sporting Life, $425 | Gloves; Halogen via Nordstrom, $59 | Hat; Starling via Sporting Life, $40 | Boots; Olang, $210 | Dog Jacket; Canada Pooch, $48