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The ultimate beauty plan that'll save you money in the long run

Make sure you hold on to those sample sized products!
January 18, 2019 2:50 p.m. EST
January 18, 2019 2:50 p.m. EST

When it comes to beauty products that you use everyday, there are a lot of unusual ways to save money! Beauty expert Christine Cho is here to show us what you can do to start saving some coin on your next beauty purchase. Who doesn't love looking glam while also spending less money?

Get free makeup for recycling 

MAC Cosmetics has a program called Back to Mac that allows you to bring 6 empty primary packaging containers and in exchange you'll recieve a free lipstick! And, if you’re a MAC select member you get to choose between free lipstick, lipgloss or single eyeshadow for 6 empties. So make sure you save those empty containers, getting a free lipstick for recycling is a win-win!

Multitasking products 

Indeed Labs has colour correctors that also work as primers to treat and blue the skin. Each colour has a distinctive function for the skin. Yellow is great for dullness and evens discolouration. Green cancels out redness and soothes the skin (perfect if you have acne). Purple illuminatse the skin and balances sallowness. Using a colour corrective primer is a great way to treat the skin while also prepping for makeup. 

Minimize your routine

Often times, less is more. The Make Up For Ever Ulta HD Concealer sets itself so you don't have to worry about powdering it down. You can also use it to spot conceal around certain areas since it's a liquid that isn't heavy at all and doesn't look dry. Technologically advanced products work better, and cause less stress! 

Invest in quality over quantity 

Sometimes if you spend more on a product, you'll end up spending less in the long run. While the Tom Ford Bronzer in Gold Dust is quite expensive, you get a lot of product! This bronzer can also be used for contouring, eyeshadow or also the chest/shoulders to add some warmth to your body. When spending money on high quality luxury products, choose wisely to get the most usage - products that last long and have multiple usage.

Collect/save sample products for travel 

Always hang on to those sample products you get when you purchase beauty products throughout the year or during the holidays. They'll come in handy when it comes time to travel and you don't want to carry around your full-sized products. You'd be surprised how long samples can actually last! Using samples not only introduces you to potential new favourites, but you’re potentially saving money from buying multiple fill size products.