Where to rent the most amazing holiday outfits

You'll never feel bad about only wearing something once again!
Published November 29, 2019 12:15 p.m. EST
Last Updated November 29, 2019 12:15 p.m. EST

Dressing up for the holidays often comes with the desire to purchase a fancy new dress that you'll likely only wear for one or two special occasions a year. Rather than splurging on an outfit that isn't timeless, Stylist Cynthia Florek walked us through how we can look fabulous during the holidays while saving money by renting outfits.  


Each store has its own terms, but typically you can pick an item of your choice, decide how long you need it for and then have it shipped to your home. Once you rock it for a night on the town, you can return it! Most places even include dry cleaning as part of the price. 


Sprout Collection started as a maternity rental business which has since expanded into a women's ready-to-wear clothing subscription service, or as they like to call it, "closet of the future." They specialize in day and workwear, but also offer special occasion options. You can choose your pieces and once they arrive you can either return it or purchase it! If you're located in the GTA, they eve offer same day pick up and drop off. 

Your Favourite Dresses carries brands from Australia, the UK, Canada, and more! They offer luxury dress rental services with 4-8 day options and a 24 hour try-on period with up to 80% off the retail price. 

The Fitzroy carries over 500 styles of special occasion dresses, suits, specialty coats and more! They carry sizes 0-18 and even have an all-white section for bridal showers/weddings. They also have an incredible feature that keeps track of what event you're wearing the rental outfit to- so that they don't rent the same style to anyone else going to the same place!

Kukamelon is a subscription-based handbag and sunglass rental service that has everything from designer sunglasses to luxury handbags. If you love the unexpected, you'll love Kukamelon! Rather than choosing your items, you get a surprise box each month. 

I Love Goldies offers an array of special occasions and day time wear items. They even offer personal shopping options and closet edits if requested! If you're located in the GTA they have home fitting services that are perfect to try out before the holidays. 

Featured Outfits

Dress; Number 21 via Goldie, $119 | Bag; Valentino via Kukamelon, $79 | Shoe; Call It Spring, $69.99 | Earring; H&M, $14.99 | Bracelet; H&M, $13

Dress; Your Favourite Dress, $69 | Bag; Olga Berg via Fitzroy, $29 | Shoes; Call It Spring, $59.99 | Earrings; H&M, $18

Dress; Reveal Dress via Fitz Roy, $120 | Bag; Fitz Roy, $30 | Earrings; Your Favorite Dress, $10 | Shoes; Le Chateau, $120

Dress; Sprouts, Subscription | Coat; Lula & Luxe via Sprouts, Subscription | Bag; Tory Burch via Kukamelon, $39 | Earring; H&M, $13 | Shoes; Aldo, $85