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Busting four bra myths to get the perfect fit

Know these tips before you shop.
September 24, 2021 10:33 a.m. EST

Take the fear out of bra shopping with undergarmet educator Kimmay Caldwell! She helps us bust four bra myths to help us tackle to daunting process.

Myth 1: The most common bra size is a B cup 

For Kimmay, she's fit thousands of women for F and G cups, which in North American is commonly knownn as DDD or DDDD. So many people think that full bust sizes are "too much" or "not normal" but don't be fooled by mainstream sizing. Department stores often stock sizes B-DD but the bra fitting alphabet goes from AA to O cup (and beyond). Bra boutiques and online options have opened up alternatives, as well. And there are plenty of supportive, gorgeous options out there for all sizes, so wear what fits best. 

Myth 2: A DD is considered a large bra size 

"Big" is relative and so is cup size, that's because of the band size! A DD, for example, gets smaller or bigger with the band size. So, a 30DD is much smaller than a 40DD. Lots of people think of Dolly Parton when they think of DD, but Dolly, who has a very small band, would be more like a 30K! This is where sister sizing comes. in. You can find the same cup size equivalent in a different band size. For example, a 30DD has the same cup size volume as a 32D, 34C, 36B, or 38A. 

Myth 3: Once you getted fitted for a bra, that is your size

People think once you're measured, you're just that size in everything. But bras are similar to jeans. Every style fits a bit differently. It's totally normal to leave a bra fitting with bras in several sizes that all fit. The material of the bra, the cut, style or even how the manufacturer decided to make it will all affect the size that will fit you best. Another reason is because some brands label their bras differently, such as small, medium, large, 32A, B, C, or they are from different countries which use different sizing systems.

Myth 4: Wire-free bras and bralettes are appropriate for work 

Not all wire-free bras are made the same, but there are some styles out there that are really great for lounging and low-key activities, and some that have more support and shape. And because so many people are working from home right now, we can rewrite the rules on the level of support you need for work—so it's really up to you! Look for a ultra-soft materials like bamboo, spandex, and metal free, no hook, and eyes or adjustable straps. 


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