Four trendy braid styles to try this fall

Welcome to Braids 101.
October 8, 2021 11:36 a.m. EST

Braids are a great way to make a statement with your hairstyle. Hair stylist Janet Jackson is showing us four gorgeous trending styles that will elevate a look or even help hide a bad hair day!

Watch the video clip above for a complete tutorial.

Jumo Box Braid

This braid is great because it can be any size or thickness. They take less time to put in and take out than other box braids. And if you love to accessorize, this look is perfect for showing off bright new hair colours or details like rings, beads and jewels. 

To achieve this look, Janet suggests parting your hair. into perfect sections, using a pomade. Secure each section with elastics. For the hair extensions, she recommends using a crochet hook to pull through the hair. Divide your hair into three parts and start braiding. It's important to add pomade. to your hair ends while your braiding the hair extensions. Braid to desired length, and once you've finished braiding, secure it with a small elastic. You can seal the braid with hot water, and leave straight or curl the ends! 

Braided Ponytail 

This look is quick and easy, plus it adds a classic and sleek beauty statement to your overall look. A long, single braid anywhere on your head takes the classic ponytail to the next level. 

To achieve this look, slick your hair into a ponytail using gel or pomade. Secure the hair with an elastic. Take the hair extensions, and hold them in half and place on your natural hair, and secure with another elastic. Take a section of the extensions, and wrap it around the hair tie to cover it, secure with a hair pin and then start braiding. Once you're done, secure with another small elastic and seal with hot water. 

Braided Space Buns 

These are a festival favourite with a total '90s vibe! To achieve this look, section your hair down the center parting. Create sections and secure with elastics. Then start creating a two dutch braid down to the nape of your neck, securing the hair with small elastics. Secure the remaining hair into mini ponytails, then twist all the all the loose hair into two buns, secure with hair pins. If you don't want it to look so polished, Janet suggests slightly pulling at the braids and buns to create a looser look. 

Braided Updo 

This style is a clean, polished look that has a vintage appeal. To get the look, choose a section at the top of your head, Janet suggests looking for a triangle shape. Then part a straight line down the middle. Create a French braid on both sections, and secure with small elastics. Twist the two braids together to create a braided bun effect .With the rest of your hair, you can create any teture or simple leave straight.