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The celeb-inspired hairstyles you need to know about before heading back to the salon

We're so ready to come out of lockdown with our best hair ever.
June 2, 2021 12:00 p.m. EST

After a year of cutting your own bangs, attempting at-home bleaching and seeing just how long your hair can grow without regular trims, it only makes sense that this summer will be filled with bold new hairstyles. Expert hairstylist Sarah Amson of Toronto's Bang Salon is helping us find the haircut and colour you want to wear this summer, based on some of the hottest hair trends coming out of Hollywood. From curls and layers to bobs and babylights, these are the hottest celeb-inspired hairstyles that we can't get enough of for 2021.

Keke Palmer

The Cut

Natural texture has made a huge comeback this year. We've all been at home, styling our hair less and learning to work with what Mother Nature gave us. It's time to embrace your curls! Keke Palmer is showing us how to do just that! This cut is gorgeous. Curls love layers, they give you a great shape and help define your curl. Layers also let you get away with fewer trips to the salon because they grow out beautifully and you don't lose your shape as quickly as a blunt cut. I also love her curly fringe. This makes your standard curly layered cut more interesting and gives it that sexy 70's vibe. 

I always ask my curly clients to come in with their hair washed and styled so I can see their curl pattern. A lot of times the front sections of their hair are less curly than the back, or vice versa. This will allow your stylist to see exactly how your hair sits when YOU style it. You'll leave the salon not only with a great cut, but the confidence in knowing that the cut was customized to your exact curl pattern and you will easily be able to style it at home. 

The Colour

Reds and coppers are also making an appearance this year! For so long we've been afraid of warmth, and for many years the trend has been cool ashy tones. These are beautiful, but now that we are emerging from lockdown, we are looking for brighter, livelier, light-reflecting hair and I'm loving it!

Red hair is like red lipstick—everyone can wear it; you just have to find the right shade. You want to discuss with your stylist what reds would suit you best. Take into consideration your skin tone, and decide if you want something more natural and muted, or something bold and bright. I'm loving this gorgeous 'Brick Red'.  It's bold without being too in your face. Bring pictures to your stylist of reds and coppers that you like, and that you don’t like. Don't be afraid to have an in-depth consultation and ask to see their colour swatch books. We want you to leave happy and taking the time to do a proper consultation is key.

Nyma Tang

The Cut 

Nyma Tang has this great medium-length cut. Perfect for those of us that are sick and tired of looking at our over grown hair, but don't want to chop it off completely. It's classic and versatile. A beautiful length that suits every face shape. And it transforms your 10lb quarantine messy bun into something much lighter and more manageable!

The Colour

Again, going back to natural is very popular right now. Its low maintenance and cost-effective, which is the 2020/2021 vibe. Glossy blacks and glossy deep browns are a beautiful way to achieve this trend. You can do this by simply asking your stylist for a gloss. Think of it like you're applying a clear coat of nail polish, but to your hair. You keep your natural colour, but make it shinier.  It's a very fast and easy service that leaves your hair super glossy and healthy-looking. 

Billie Eilish

The Cut

The 70's shag has arrived and I'm living for it! Billie Eilish executes this perfectly. What I love about this cut is that you can keep your length, but still have a dramatic change. This is another cut that can work on all face shapes. When cut correctly, this fringe frames the face beautifully and can help sculpt your cheekbones and jawline. The layers give tons of movement and volume. Talk to your stylist about where you want your layers to start, and how you want your face to be framed. Remember: you’re in the driver’s seat. 

The Colour

This buttery blonde is another subtle way to bring warmth into your hair. It’s not "orange" or "yellow", but warm. This blonde will reflect the light and give you a brighter lighter feeling.

Maya Rudolph

The Cut

Maya Rudolph is a queen. I love everything she does and this cut is no exception. I think we will be seeing a lot of drastic chops once we can go back to salons. Big changes will be a huge trend, and we've all had plenty of time to think about what we want to do with our hair. I love this cut because it's timeless and suits everyone at every age. For rounder faces, I would cut just below the chin, and for the daring, just above the chin, but below the ear lobes is a very cool length. It's always a good idea to go online and find pictures of people who have a similar face shape as you, and bring those to your stylist. It will give you both a great idea of what will best suit you.

The Colour 

This colour is very subtle and natural. The economy plays a role in dictating beauty trends, and in 2021 low-cost, affordable hair is trending. Adding just a few sun-kissed highlights around the face to brighten things up is a smart way to add dimension to your hair, without paying the big bucks for all-over highlights.

Chrissy Teigen

The Colour

This cut is beautiful, classic layers never go out of style. However, I mostly want to talk about Chrissy Teigen's colour. There are a lot of new terms being thrown around these days, but it's important to know what they mean, so you know what to ask for. 

Usually, when clients come to me and say they want "balayage," this is what they are picturing. However, techniques have advanced so much since balayage became popular and there are some new terms to learn.

Let's break down this look:

Babylights: Here you can see she has baby fine highlights that go almost all the way to her root - very different from classic balayage where the lightness is concentrated on the ends of the hair. These highlights will give you that sun-kissed natural highlighted look without looking chunky. 

Next, we have a Root Melt: This blends the babylights in seamlessly, giving you that smooth blend from dark to light. And finally, we have the Money Piece. This refers to the extra bright pieces, placed right in the front that frame the face—a very popular look right now. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again, when in doubt, a picture speaks a million words so don't be afraid to bring an entire mood board with you! 

Now that you are armed with inspiration and the newest terminology, you are ready for your consultation! Email your stylist and get yourself on a waitlist! And don't forget to support your local salons by purchasing gift cards and products! 

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