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How to elevate wardrobe staples for the holidays

Put that midi skirt to work! 
December 1, 2021 12:37 p.m. EST

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This holiday season, we’re looking forward to so many things: gathering with family and friends, eating good food, and actually getting dressed up in festive outfits! If you’re stumped about what to wear for your holiday gatherings and don’t want to break the bank, why not shop your closet? We’ve been stuck inside looking at our clothes for more than a year now, so let’s get a little creative and start actually wearing them! Style expert Alexis Honce shared two festive looks, inspired by two simple pieces most of us have in our closet, but maybe don’t know how to wear—a midi skirt and a blazer. 

Silk Midi Skirt

The sister of the slip dress, the silk midi skirt is very versatile! You can pair it with a t-shirt to keep it casual and cute or use it as a base to create a really fun look for the holidays. 

Red is a classic holiday colour, and pairing this neutral skirt with this jacket is an easy way to make a statement. Add a little glam with a sparkly blouse, a matching red handbag and tight-fitted black booties, and you’ll be ready for any holiday dinner or party that comes your way.


ALCEA Rose Womens Silky Satin Midi Skirt, $32.99 at Amazon

Vince Satin Slip Skirt, $355 at Bloomingdales

Bar III Saint Midi Skirt, $74.08 at Macy's


If you look in your closet right now, we can almost guarantee you have at least one blazer hanging around in there somewhere. Try it on and get creative! If it doesn’t fit you right but you really love it, think about getting it tailored in. This can truly change how the piece looks on you and can elevate your everyday looks. TIP: You want the blazer sleeves to hit right at the wrist. 

If you’re working with a thicker blazer made out of a material like tweed, it can tend to look outdated. Injecting trendy pieces into a blazer will help to elevate the overall look. Leather pants are everywhere right now, and adding them to this look can give you a cool chic vibe. Add a pop of festive colour with the handbag and heels and you’ll be the talk of the holiday gathering! 


Jacquard Knit Blazer with Pockets, $99.95 at Penningtons

Long Double-Breasted Stretch Blazer, $159.90 at RW&Co

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