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How to style that suit in your closet

Don’t let it collect dust.
November 19, 2021 3:14 p.m. EST

Many of us have a suit in our closet that we barely wear. Well, there’s no better time than now to dust it off. The Long and Short of Style’s Gail and Leslie Thompson say there is more than one way to wear a suit, and they have the looks to prove it.

Their biggest tip? Break the suit into separates—either wear just the pants or just the blazer. Watch the clip above to see what we mean, and look below for outfit details.

Classic black suit

How to style the blazer


Blazer, $100 at Zara

Pants, $60 at Zara

Top, $46 at Zara

Boots, $300 at Zara

Belt, $36 at Zara

How to style the pants


Top, $45 at Reitmans

Pants, $90 at Laura

Booties, $54 at Shein

Houndstooth suit

How to style the blazer


Blazer, $100 at Penningtons

Suit pants (not pictured), $60 at Penningtons

Faux leather pants, $70 at Penningtons

Biggie top, $25 at Old Navy

Loafers, $42 at Asos

How to style the pants


Blazer (not pictured), $219 at Massimo Dutti

Pants, $129 at Massimo Dutti

Vest, $80 at Zara

Sweater, $35 at H&M

Shoes, $219 at Banana Republic

Pop of colour blazer


Blazer, $100 at Zara

Sweater, $119 at Banana Republic

Pants, $60 at Reitmans

Dr. Marten boots, $220 at Hudson’s Bay

Faux leather blazer


Faux leather blazer, $165 at Pretty Little Thing

Skirt, $25 at Shein

Pumps, $295 at Ally NYC

Jewelry, $189 at Omi Woods

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