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The best bras to carry you through spring and summer

From strapless to breathable, and even the best sports bra for summer activities - these are our top picks for warm weather bras.
May 14, 2021 1:50 p.m. EST

We all know how it goes - as the weather warms up, the first place most women feel the heat is in their chest. Whether it's because you can't find the right bra for those strapless tops or plunging necklines, or you need a supportive sports bra to keep up with you and tolerated that annoying under-boob sweat. So we asked Kimmay Caldwell to help us find the best bras for the hot spring and summer months that are comfortable, not matter what you're wearing!

Strapless Bras

Let’s start with a summer style solution that most people need: the strapless bra! Having a great strapless in your bra wardrobe is so important because it can be worn for way more than strapless tops - anything with straps in a different place, halter, or racerback, etc. 

We're loving the Karolina Strapless from Corin because of its smooth cups and vast size range - from B all the way up to J cup! And what I really love are the various places you can put the straps. 

SHOPKarolina By Corin Strapless Bra, $115 at La Lingerie

Stick-on Bras

A great strapless bra alternative is the tape-style stick-on bra that we’re seeing all the celebrities wearing.  Years ago on The Marilyn Denis Show, Kimmay fit a lovely, pregnant viewer named Jessica. Turns out, the experience was so uplifting for her (literally) that she decided to create her own line of stick-on bras and empower people with undergarments! Isn’t that wild? Her brand new Canadian line, My Perfect Pair is similar to those tape bras, but it’s made with the most beautiful and soft lace which is backed by medical-grade adhesive and truly stays in place - it’s sweat and waterproof, meaning you can wear these dancing or under a swimsuit! And for the skeptics out there, Jessica wears an H cup in most bras and has had kids and it works extremely well on her. This is great for super plunging front or backless outfits and can be cut to fit any shape, or even doubled up for extra coverage. One important thing to remember with adhesive bras like this is that application is key. Wash away any lotions or oils and let them air dry before you apply. 

SHOPLuxury Breast Tape, $40 at My Perfect Pair

Back smoothing bras

From backless to back smoothing - this is a major ask for so many women. The best tip here is to buy a bra that has a wide band and side - it will lay flatter (and provide great support!). This Smoothing Luxe High Profile Bra from Leonisa is a great example. It has high coverage in the cups, under the arms, and all the way across the back, plus an inner layer of powerslim® along the sides which gives a smoothing effect for a streamlined look under clothes and flexible side boning keeps the bra from rolling down. This is an update to their most popular bra with a touch of smooth lace for fun! It’s especially great for tighter or clingy tops. 

SHOPSmoothing Underwire Bra, $62 at Leonisa

Sports Bras

As the weather warms, more and more people are getting active, and that means we need the right support. If you’re doing athletic activities it’s crucial that you have a great sports bra. If you're one of those people who just wear their regular or old bras for working out, you're doing yourself and your bras a disservice. Excessive sweat can actually ruin your bras, and everyday bras are simply not designed to protect your bust from lots of activity. So protect your bras and your bust with a good sports bra. This Natori Dynamic Convertible Contour Sports Bra is a great option because of its adjustable straps and band (key for a secure fit), and its smooth cups and underwire support for B-D cups. Plus these straps can criss-cross in the back! And just like the wide back laid flat and spread out support on our last bra, these wide straps do the same here. So cozy and sleek! And remember to wash your sports bras - or at least rinse them -  RIGHT after your workout. The longer you let sweat sit on them, the more that sweat dries and begins to break down the stretchy fibres of the bra. Use a good lingerie soap (which can also be used on stretchy athletic attire, too!) 

SHOPContour Sports Bra, $110 At Natori

Breathable Bras

If you’re worried about how hot a foam moulded bra can be, don’t worry! Kimmay has a few great breezy alternatives! Canadian brand Montelle makes some beautiful lace bras that are way more breathable than that traditional foam moulding. This Flirt demi shape has a bit less coverage but still gives great shape. If you prefer no seams, try a spacer molded bra that has a smooth cup like a t-shirt bra, but the fabric is actually a flexible knit with lots of airflow. So you get the smoothness and the breathability. 

SHOPSugar 'N Spice Muse Bra, $64 At Montelle Intimates  |  Spacer Bra, $69 At Montelle Intimates

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