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These are the underhyped beauty products you need to know about

Shari Koffman shares her favourite not-so-talked-about beauty brands.
November 2, 2022 11:19 a.m. EST
November 2, 2022 11:19 a.m. EST

From foundation to lip gloss, we all have our go-to trusted brands. Beauty expert, Shari Koffman inspires us to step out of our usual skincare and beauty routine by sharing her favourite off-the-radar beauty brands. Shop the underhyped beauty products that you need to know about ASAP below.

IS Cleansing Complex

A properly formulated cleanser prepares your skin for the rest of your skincare routine. The Cleansing Complex is a lightweight gel that is both powerful and gentle enough for any skin type, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. It has a great balance of nutrients and mild resurfacing ingredients that will help to clean the skin without stripping away the natural oils.

SHOP: IS Cleansing Complex; $62 at Skin Forever

IS Clinical Perfect Tint Powder

Perfect to use on the go, this tint powder is makeup, skincare, and SPF all in one and helps to protect our skin all year long. The formula minimizes the appearance of pores and absorbs oil for a flawless finish. It’s great for providing a little coverage and it melts right into the skin. This product is available in five shades and comes with two tinted powder cartridges.

SHOP: IS Perfect Tint Powder; $104.50 at Skin Forever

8 Faces Brilliance Serum

This super-charged serum features clinically proven plant innovation that helps to smooth and plump the skin. Apply it to damp skin to hold on to more moisture. You will love how hydrated your skin looks and feels.

SHOP: Brilliance Serum; $118 at 8 Faces

Attitude Living Mini Ritual Sets

Attitude Living is offering the world’s first beauty line of solid, 100% plastic-free skincare. The Phyto Glow line is formulated with vitamin C to help even out your skin tone and provide a radiant glow. The Phyto Age line helps to rebuild the moisture barrier to help promote hydration. These sets are lightweight and perfect for travel. All products are packaged in a push-up design made of biodegradable certified cardboard. Swipe the solid right over your skin, run your fingers over the product, and apply it to the face. The minute the solid comes in contact with the skin, it begins to melt.

SHOP: Mini Ritual Sets; $59 each from Attitude Living

U Beauty Plasma Lip Compound

This product is for you if you struggle with dry, chapped lips. It’s a gloss, conditioner, and lip plumper all in one. It visibly plumps and enhances the lips with a 3D cushion effect; the shine is incredible.

SHOP: Plasma Lip Compound; $68 at U Beauty

Perfect Formula Pink and Ruby Gel Coat


Strengthen even the weakest of nails with the Gel Coat from Perfect Formula. This product works as a base coat, top coat, and colour all in one. Apply one to two coats every week to say goodbye to yellow nailbeds, and hello to brighter and healthier nails.

SHOP: Perfect Formula Pink and Ruby Gel Coat; $35 at TSC

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