Three easy hairstyles to get you through the day

Elevate your hair from the office to a night out.
October 13, 2021 9:36 a.m. EST

As we continue to return to the new normal, we want to make sure our hair lasts throughout the day! Hair expert Ted Gibson is sharing three styles that are easy to re-create and will give you the best hair day you've ever had. 

The Set 

To achieve this look, use damp toweled-dry hair using the Ted Gibson Shooting Star Texture Meringue at the root and also on mid-length and ends. It's important to saturate each strand. Ted uses a wide tooth comb to distribute the product. Using a dual bristle round brush, keep drying the hair, getting volume from the scalp and smoothing each two inch section. This creates a great blowout that will last all day! 

The Pony 

When you're going to meet friends for a drink after work, a ponytail can get you through. When trying this look, the position of the pony is important. It needs to be on the top of the head at the crown. Ted likes to use a bungee elastic to secure the pony. After securing the pony, use wax or pomade to add shine and texture. Tip: Use colour matching elastics to your hair to create a seamless look. 

Chignon or Topknot 

No time for a major hair change before dinner? The topknot or chignon is for you! Start with a ponytail in your hands, and twist the hair around the elastic. Secure the twists with bobby pins or hair pins. Hold in place with your favourite hairspray. Ted suggests adding a headband for a little sparkle.