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Twin with your furry friend with these matching outfits

Show how much you love your pet with these cute looks.
June 22, 2022 11:48 a.m. EST
June 22, 2022 11:48 a.m. EST

When we think of friendships, we can forget about a man’s (or woman’s) best friend, aka our pets. Style expert Natalie Sexton shares all the matching looks you need to twin with your pet., Whether you’re looking to stay cozy at the cottage or stay chic for a pool party, shop all the looks below. 

Pool Party Chic 

Keep it simple for a pool or beach day by going with a relaxed fit for both you and your pup! We love accessories like a belt bag for all your pet’s treats and staying hands-free all day long and a collapsible dog bowl that attaches to a rope leash for convenience. Bring some fun toys to keep your dog entertained that can also float in the pool.

SHOP: Lia Colour Block Sport Sandals; $49 at Vero Moda | Aware Lola Slim Fit Square Neck Tank Top; $25 at Vero Moda | Jungle Bird Shirt; $75 at Dog Threads | "Maria" Matching Sunglasses; $14 at Tella Couture | Matching Satin Bandana and Scrunchie Set; $25 at Tella Couture |  Top Paw Water Dog Summer Vibes Cocktail Dog Toy; $6.99 at Pet Smart | Linen Drawstring Shorts; $29.99 available in-store at Marshalls | Piny Fanny Pack; $29.99 available in-store at Marshalls | Collapsible Dog Bowl; $16.99 available in-store at Marshalls | Rope Leash; $16.99 available in-store Marshalls

Casual and Comfy 

This is a great matching look for those who love to be out and about in the city or at the cottage for those long weekends. For yourself, throw on a two-piece matching sweatsuit for ultimate comfort. And for your pet, we love this one-piece over-the-head sweatsuit with a hood. Functional accessories are a must when your furry friend is outside all day, so grab a cooling dog hat to help keep them cool or cute dog booties to protect their little paws from hot pavement. Throw on a pair of matching sunnies, grab some fun toys for your pet to play with, and you’re ready to take on summer.

SHOP:  Soft Side Adult Hoodie; $74 at Canada Pooch | Soft Side Sweatsuit; $50 at Canada Pooch | Matching Oversized Sunglasses; $35 at Tella Couture | Chill Seeker Cooling Hat; $27 at Canada Pooch | Hot Pavement Boots; $51 at Canada Pooch | Arcadia Trail Hands-Free Dog Leash; $23.99 at Pet Smart | Sk8-HI Shoes; $89.99 at Altitude Sports | Arcadia Trail Rope with Float Bone Dog Tray; $14.99 at Pet Smart | Travis Bucket Hat; $16.99 available in-store at Marshalls

Staying Inside All Day Long 

If you love those summer evening snuggles with your pet, this luxurious matching look is perfect for lounging and enjoying time at home. This two-piece pyjama set is perfect for both you and your pet and features durable snap buttons at the front. Settle in with some fuzzy slippers for you and your dog and let the chilling commence.

SHOP: 'Loki' Matching Pajamas in Ruby; $40 at Tella Couture | Pawks Dog Socks; $13.44 at Amazon | Soft Plush Fuzzy Slippers; $26.99 at Amazon | Dog Toy; $9.99 available in-store at Marshalls

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