Weddings are getting a makeover in 2022

Here are the trends to look out for if you’re saying “I do” this year.
March 23, 2022 10:20 a.m. EST
Cropped shot of a happy newlywed couple dancing together after their outdoor wedding Cropped shot of a happy newlywed couple dancing together after their outdoor wedding

We love love here at The Social, so we’re always excited when wedding season arrives, especially one that’s been such a long time coming. With the weather warming up and restrictions easing, people are finally ready to celebrate their nuptials like never before.

Check out wedding planner extraordinaire Trevor Frankfort’s top picks for the latest and greatest wedding trends below, and watch the video above as Trevor joins the hosts from Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto.

Lounge furniture

Mixed in with the traditional tables and chairs, lounge areas are being created with a more relaxed vibe using sofas, chairs, love seats, ottomans, and coffee tables. Forget about the modern white leather sofas that we have always seen in the past; lounge sets made with wood and linen is the newest trend in lounge furniture and they add a more elegant vibe. Add some throw pillows and blankets for extra pops of colour. This set is a popular French Providence style, which lends back to nostalgic times,—think Hampton vibes—vineyards summer breezes, and sparkling conversations over glasses of wine.

Furniture featured in the segment was provided by Glamourous Affairs.

Colourful suits for men

Wedding gowns in bright colours, rather than the typical whites and creams, has prompted men to also use bolder colours for their suits and tuxedos.  Blue, purple, red, green or combinations of two are the trend this year for suits and tuxes. You can easily accessorize with pocket squares or a boutonniere, bow ties or ties and some men are even going more casual and not wearing a tie at all. Some men are even opting to have outfit changes throughout the day. Once the formality of the ceremony is over, take your blazer off for dinner to reveal a waistcoat underneath. You can change into a short sleeve shirt as well or just roll up your sleeves. And then, when it’s time to dance, go one step further, take off the waistcoat to reveal suspenders underneath. And now you’re ready to party!

Clothing featured in the segment was provided by Surmesur.

Floral crowns

Forget what you know about floral crowns because they are getting a new look and feel for the 2022 bride. Floral crowns are being updated to a much more elegant and sophisticated look using dried and silk flowers. They’re not only perfect for the bride but bridesmaids and flower girls are embracing the look, too! You can have them made to measure for the size of your head or a one size fits all type of crown made with a ribbon that can be tied and hidden under your hair or you can cover a headband.

Crowns in the segment were provided by Plush Flowers.


Dark and moody vibes

Dark colour palettes and bright wedding colours are going to be sliding into your Instagram feed for 2022. Gone are the blush tones and white weddings. This modern dark and moody palette includes lush jewel tones like romantic reds, eggplant, merlot, smokey greys and midnight blacks. Match those with an exposed dark wood table, no linens, darker chairs, black cutlery, and dishes. Stop using white candles and bring in some black and maroon colours there too. This is a chic and elegant design with tons of drama. The rich hues spark romance, deep emotions, and bring a fantasy element to the wedding. 

Flowers in the segment were provided by Plush Flowers and Fleur Wholesale. Furniture and rentals in the segment were provided by Chairman Mills.

Bright and airy vibes

Adding a splash of colour has always been an option for couples who were planning a tropical, beach, or destination wedding but now it seems more couples hosting weddings at local locations are loving this theme as well. Bright and delicate pastel tones are making a big and bold statement at weddings. Mixing this with metallics like gold and silver really bring it all together. For the table runner, this floral centrepiece uses different blooms to create texture. The cascading floral arch adds height in a room with really high ceilings or if you just want to add some drama to your design. 

Flowers in the segment were provided by Plush Flowers and Fleur Wholesale. Furniture and rentals in the segment were provided by Chairman Mills.

Potted plants

For those who are wanting a more sustainable option, use potted plants to create a ceremony backdrop. Match your planters with your favourite colours and make a more tropical look with palm leaves. This is perfect to bring the outdoors, indoors and would look stunning lakeside. The best part? You can take these home afterwards and keep them growing for years. It’s like watering your love and watching it grow every day after the wedding. Couples are also using smaller plants like herbs and succulents as centrepieces and giveaways.

Flowers in the segment were provided by Plush Flowers and Fleur Wholesale. Furniture and rentals in the segment were provided by Chairman Mills.

Mini wedding cakes

One trend that is making its way back with a vengeance is beautiful showstopper wedding cakes. Say goodbye to cupcakes and hello to mini-wedding cakes. These adorable treats can be stacked on a tiered cake stand or can be packaged and served individually to your guests.

Cakes in the segment were provided by Cake Creations by Michelle.

Mood lighting

Another way to elevate the look and feel of your wedding is by using mood lighting. Using pin spotlights will highlight and accentuate each individual table's centrepiece and tablescape. Dimming the overhead lights and using uplights along the walls of the room creates a beautifully romantic look. They are perfect to highlight a drape line, décor feature, or murals. The colours for uplights and pin spots can change to whatever you want them to be, and for 2022 more people are opting for pure white or more amber colour to resemble candlelight.

Lighting featured in the segment was provided by Epiq Vision.

LED dance floor

It is so much fun when this dance floor comes to life! The size of the dance floor is completely customizable based on the dimensions of each individual square, and everything is controlled by a tablet. The coolest part about this is you can change the mood based on the dance that is happening because each square can be individually controlled. So maybe during your first dance you might want the dance floor to be all red, during your parent dances: all blue and then when you want to get the party hopping you have it on party mode so that the colours change to the beat of the music. There is an almost limitless selection of vibrant colours so this can be totally customized to your wedding décor and vibe.

Lighting featured in the segment was provided by Epiq Vision.

Food on the dance floor

Years ago, having late-night food stations where your guests could make their own tacos, sliders, nachos, poutine was very on-trend. Instead of making your guests make their food, why don’t you provide something that’s already made?  Grab and go snacks or even having servers come onto the dance floor to pass them around are both very popular for the upcoming season. Let's keep people dancing, connecting, or just relaxing after being apart for so long.


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