Clean and simple products to streamline your summer beauty routine

Green beauty expert Michelle Bilodeau shares her tips on creating that perfect summertime beauty regimen.
July 2, 2020 2:02 p.m. EST
July 6, 2020 11:40 a.m. EST
We all want to feel good and look good in the summer, but we don't want to spend too much time getting there. The key is simple products that deliver results, some of which can be used in multiple ways. They are the perfect summertime accessory because they help amp up your look without too much fuss.Green beauty expert Michelle Bilodeau highlights some of her favourite clean products to help us streamline our regimens for the season. Click on the gallery below for her expert suggestions, and watch the video above for more from Michelle![gallery ids="/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/06/24/Consonant-The-Perfect-Sunscreen-SPF-30.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/06/24/Honest-Beauty-Magic-Beauty-Balm.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/06/24/Tower-28-Beauty-BeachPlease-Tinted-Lip-Cheek-Balm.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/06/24/Supergoop-Resetting-Mineral-Powder-SPF-45.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/06/24/HoliFrog-Shasta-AHA-Refining-Acid-Wash.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/06/24/Subtle-Green-Cacay-Rejuvenate-Serum.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/06/24/Demes-Natural-Lash-Brow-Serum.jpg"][video_embed id='1974045']BEFORE YOU GO: Chris Cuomo accidently bares it all on his wife’s Instagram live[/video_embed]