These amazing beauty products will revitalize your skin as you sleep

Beauty expert Mishal Cazmi shares her favourite picks that maximize your overnight skincare.
Published October 6, 2020 2:11 p.m. EST
Last Updated October 13, 2020 11:53 a.m. EST
It's no secret that a good night’s sleep helps us wake up looking and feeling refreshed - hence the name beauty sleep! Our skin goes into repair mode while we sleep – repairing sun damage from the day, regenerating skin cells, and producing collagen. These are all the things necessary for keeping our skin happy and healthy, but get this - there are a tom of products out there that can lend a helping hand to this process. Beauty expert and founder of 100 ML, Mishal Cazmi, highlighted her favourite nighttime-specific products to help us maximize our beauty sleep.Click on the gallery below for Mishal's picks, and watch the video above for more![gallery ids="/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/06/Versed-The-Shortcut-Overnight-Facial-Peel.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/06/Pixi-Beauty-Dream-y-Mist.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/06/Estée-Lauder-Advanced-Night-Repair-Synchronized-Multi-Recovery-Complex.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/06/Laneige-Cica-Sleeping-Mask.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/06/Maybelline-New-York-The-Falsies-Lash-Mask-Eyelash-Conditioner.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/13/Lip-Sleeping-Mask-CanolaOil.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/06/Alterna-Caviar-Anti-Aging-Restructuring-Bond-Repair-Leave-In-Overnight-Serum.jpg,/content/dam/bellmedia/more-loop/2020/10/06/Lotus-Aroma-Roll-on-in-Insomnia.jpg"][video_embed id='2021405']BEFORE YOU GO: Woman films creepy doll moving on its own[/video_embed]