Five festive appetizers and cocktails to add to your holiday menu

Elevate your spread this year with these delicious dishes.
December 21, 2021 11:30 a.m. EST

There’s just something about this time of year! Making festive drinks and Christmas appetizers to share with loved ones with the fire crackling and the Christmas songs playing— it’s magic, right? You can never go wrong with classic staples like shrimp cocktail or spinach dip, but if you're looking to upgrade your holiday spread this year, we've got the recipes for you!

Chef Raquel Fox shared five incredibly easy and delicious dishes you can whip up in no time. From cornbread fritters to smoked almonds to Caribbean-inspired cocktails, these bite-sized snacks will have your guests coming back for more. 

Herbed-cheese tarts with guava-bell pepper jam

A scrumptious savoury and subtle-sweet appetizer that’s perfect for the holidays. 

Veal-stuffed cornbread fritters with a holiday cocktail sauce

These deliciously baked veal and cranberry meatballs are dipped in buttermilk and coated with cornbread. They are a real hit at any holiday cocktail party.

Sky juice with a cranberry twist

The incomparable Bahamas sky juice (also known as Gin and Coconut Water) name derives from the tall coconut trees with swaying palms that could almost touch the sky. It’s enjoyed throughout the year, but during the holidays, it’s a welcoming cocktail for visiting family and friends. Don’t forget the coconut Jelly! 

Smoky-holly jolly pecans and almonds

These delicious smoky spiced nuts are the hit at every holiday party, it’s almost impossible to enjoy just a few. 

Caribbean mistletoe

Cheers to the holidays with a superb cocktail to wake up the senses with hints of apples, melon and ginger beer.