These are some of the most haunted places across Canada

Travel expert Loren Christie went on the hunt for real 'haunted' spots across the country.
October 16, 2019 12:17 p.m. EST
October 19, 2019 12:00 a.m. EST
Have you ever been somewhere that's haunted? We're not talking about the fake mazes and houses that typically roll out around Halloween. All across Canada, there are authentic haunted buildings and locations that give all who visit the creeps for real, where - if you're lucky - you might just see a ghost...On a mission to explore the spookiest real locations around the country, travel expert Loren Christie went on a hunt to find the haunted locations that exist year-round, ones that might give you a real scare this Halloween season. Check out the video above for more from Loren on his spooky experiences, and find his scary travel destinations below.

The Caribou Hotel

Carcross, Yukon

The Caribou Hotel was originally opened 1898 and claimed to be haunted by a range of characters including Dawson Charlie, co-discoverer of the Klondike Gold Rush and early owner of the hotel; to Bessie Gideon, the subsequent operator whose ghost is said to haunt the halls, slamming doors and looking out windows and running baths; to legendary big-game outfitter Johnnie Johns, who hosted clients at the hotel in the 1930's and Polly the parrot, the winged talker lived in the hotel for 54 years, until 1972, and was known to sing opera, drink whiskey and curse at the patrons.

West Point Lighthouse


Guests can stay overnight in the 'haunted' lighthouse in a number of rooms including the lighthouse keeper’s quarters, which is said to be visited by a mysterious bearded man. The lighthouse had only  2 keepers in its history: William Anderson MacDonald and Benjamin (Bennie) MacIsaac. Lighthouse Willy never missed a day of work, and people say he’s STILL showing up. Guests and staff have seen lights flickering on and off in rooms that are empty...

Ottawa Jail Hostel

Ottawa, Ontario

A jail from 1862 to 1972, it's now a hostel except for the 8th floor, which was death row of the jail. Patrick Whalden - the man who was accused of murdering D’Arcy McGee, one of the Fathers of Confederation and a friend of Sir John A. Macdonald’s - said he was a patsy and innocent, but was put to death. His body was buried in the yard (now under the parking lot), even though the family was promised the body would go to the family plot. Now people see him in the hostel sitting on the edge of beds...

Kitsault and Anyox

British Columbia

With Northern BC Jet Boat Tours, you can visit two of northwest BC’s most inaccessible ghost towns. You'll spend two full days and one night exploring the modern day ghost town of Kitsault, which was closed in 1982. With special permission to visit both towns and stay overnight in the eerie apartments of the once thriving town of Kitsault, this tour offers the ultimate ghost town experience. They also offer tours to Anyox, a copper mining town from 1914- 1935. It was Canada’s largest dam at one time, and remnants of bank, general store, hospital, and the red light district are still there. Creepy!

The Candlelight Graveyard Tour

Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

This is a spooky tour of the oldest English Graveyard in Canada. In addition to being creeped out, you learn about the meaning of some of the graveyard art and about the lives led. Created in 1991 by internationally-acclaimed heritage interpreter Alan Melanson, they are consistently one of the most popular events in Nova Scotia.

Heritage Park

Calgary, Alberta

Heritage Park is Canada’s largest living history museum and is located in Calgary, just south of downtown. The Park is huge- 127 acres and has over 180 exhibits! The land the park sits on once belonged to one of Calgary’s first settlers, an Irish man named Sam Livingston. Sam came over to California in the 1800's for the gold rush and followed the bison up north. There are many locations throughout the park that are thought to be haunted- Sam’s house being one of them, with Interpreters hearing footsteps and unexplained sounds in the home. The historical village is open seasonally May-October (Thanksgiving Monday) and all of these buildings are open for guests to visit during our regular operating season and hours 10 am - 5 pm.


Gatineau, Quebec

Vist the summer home of Prime Minister Mackenzie King, who was into numerology and held séances there to talk to his deceased mother and dead politicians for advice. King very much believed in ghosts, and Kingsmere is now said to be haunted, with a famous article in the New York Times in 1954 by journalist Percy Phillip claiming he spoke with King on a bench at Kingsmere... 4 years after he died!

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