Tech expert shares her top gadgets for gifting in 2020

Hands down, the coolest tech on the market this year, just in time for the holidays.
November 27, 2020 9:26 a.m. EST
November 30, 2020 11:00 p.m. EST
Every year, there's always a bunch of amazing new gadgets that come out and make the top of everybody's wish list. With some of the incredible products that are out there, we really are living in the future! Tech expert Avery Swartz shared her top picks of this year's hottest tech and gadgets for gifting - and just in time for Black Friday shopping, too.Find Avery's picks below, and don't forget to watch the video above for even more expert holiday shopping gifts from Avery!


This Live Streaming Kit is perfect for the person who's constantly on video calls, or streaming to social media. You can drastically improve how you look on screen (and save your arm from falling asleep) with this live streaming kit. It features a universal phone holder, USB-powered light with 3 brightness settings, and a desk clip.OuterLayer | $29


You know that little white cube you’re using to charge your phone? Odds are, it’s only 5 watts. The Anker Nano charger is 20 watts. That means it’s gonna charge your phone at least 3, if not 4 times faster. Tip: most devices made in the last few years support fast charging, but double check your device can handle this kind of power if you’re rocking an older phone.Anker | $20


Sending a text message or an email is so… predictable. Elevate your correspondence with someone special with the LoveBox Spinning Heart Messenger. Give them a LoveBox, and then send short messages or a photo using the app on your smartphone. The heart on their LoveBox spins to let them know there’s a message waiting. It’s delightfully analogue and is sure to brighten anyone’s day.Love Box | Prices vary


If you didn’t “close your rings,” did you even work out? The Apple Watch is the de facto health tech device, measuring your heart rate, exercise, standing, and activity levels throughout the day. The Apple Watch SE has all the best features (water resistance, high and low heart rate notifications, fall detection and emergency SOS, music, podcasts, and cellular ability), without the higher price tag of other models. Also, Apple Fitness+ is coming soon to Canada, and you get 3 months free with a new Apple Watch purchase.Apple | From $369


Circle is a parental control device for your home’s internet. It’s easy to use and totally works. Connect it to your home’s WiFi, and then you can control every device that’s online in your house. Monitor what apps and websites are being visited, set time limits, even choose to block the internet for certain devices at certain times. What’s that, children? Didn’t clean your room? No TikTok for you! It's $93 for a 3 month subscription, $173 for a yearlong subscription, and $400 for an unlimited subscription.Circle | Prices vary


This is the next generation of the Google Home smart speaker. It’s small, design-y, and has great sound for a low price. Nest Audio comes with the Google Assistant (“Hey Google”) for all your voice command needs. Use it to stream music or the radio, make phone calls, and control your smart home. Also great for telling your kids how to spell words so they stop asking you, over. And over. And over. Nest Audio comes in a selection of colours to match your decor, including sky, sage, and sand (my favourite).Google Store | $130


Green thumb, black thumb… it doesn’t matter what kind of thumb you have. The Click and Grow Smart Garden makes it easy for anyone to grow an indoor garden. Pop in a plant pod (choose from over 50 options or use your own seeds), and watch your plant baby grow right before your eyes with perfectly calibrated light, water, and nutrients. The accompanying app will make you feel like a gardening expert. Winter is long. You deserve plants to brighten it up.Click and Grow | Prices vary[video_embed id='2021405']BEFORE YOU GO: Woman films creepy doll moving on its own[/video_embed]

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