5 gadgets you need to make the most of watching the Super Bowl

January 21, 2020 11:49 a.m. EST
January 22, 2020 11:52 a.m. EST
We thoroughly research all the products we feature, and we honestly think they’re great. But just so you know, things you buy from links on this page may earn us a commission. All prices were accurate at publish time.It's less than two weeks to go before the Super Bowl, and if you're hosting a watching party, that means it's time to start planning. You've got all the party favours and alcohol ready, but tech expert Avery Swartz is here to show you some products that you can use to elevate your game-watching experience to a whole new level. These cool new gadgets and tech will pretty much guarantee you and your guests the best viewing experience possible. If only they could guarantee your team a win, too!


Amazon | $2,700There are so many TV's out there to choose from, by this one really has the edge. The light in the LG OLED TV is different to any others out there - it has the richest blacks and the most vibrant whites, really making your pictures pop. It has more than 8 million pixels in its screen, so you couldn’t have a clearer picture if you tried! Best of all, the screen is so thin, it doesn’t feel like it’s over-facing your living space.


Sonos | $957Things can get pretty loud during big games, especially if you're hosting, so you want to make sure you've got a sound system to match.With the Sonos Surround Set, Sonos is offering three speakers that are super easy to set up, and because they’re wireless, you can literally put them anywhere. Rather than wrapping around the TV, two of the speakers can go either side of your couch, making you feel like you’re actually there.You can even change the sound quality depending on what room you’re watching the game in. Just point your speakers towards the edge of your room and Sonos will gauge the rough size and layout to make sure it’s giving the best sound possible to fill the space.


Amazon | $51Depending on how the game's going, you might need some calming lighting to ease any tension. The Philips hue smart lights reads the colours on the screen and display a color that compliments it. They let you program your lighting to match your mood so you can have white for daytime, blue for evenings and red for game time. You can also set timers on the lights, brightening the room for half time and dipping darker automatically when the game’s about to start. The lights have internet capability, so you can even change your lights to match the weather outside.


Amazon | $140When it's game time, you're going to be glued to your screen, and every second counts. The last thing you're going to want to do is waste time wandering around, setting everything up - and that's where the Google Nest Hub comes in. You can control everything without even having to leave the couch! Whether it's turning off the volume, dimming the lights, or playing your 'Superbowl playlist', the Nest Hub has your back.


Amazon | $287Watching the game is not complete without a nice, cold drink, and that's where this beer dispenser can help you out. This is a Waytap and it makes bottle beer taste like a draft pour. It mutes those bitter flavours and smooths the texture of your beer, helping you pour a perfect pint. It’s super compact and fits easily on your side table, and it’s battery-powered so it’s easy to run.[video_embed id='1865797']These apps can help seniors with pill reminders, passwords and more[/video_embed]

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