Six thoughtful gifts to send your long-distance loved ones

Even if you can’t be together, you can still show them you care.
November 19, 2020 10:13 a.m. EST
November 19, 2020 10:13 a.m. EST
Being 'home for the holidays' is taking on a whole new meaning in 2020, and we might have no choice but to send our loved ones gifts from afar. Lifestyle journalist Caleigh Alleyne shared some thoughtful presents to show appreciation for your long-distance family and friends, so everyone can have a safe holiday this year.Check out her picks below, and be sure to watch the video above for more from Caleigh!


Personalize your holiday cards this year with one from Élana Camille Creates. Whether you're adding a note to a gift, or sending a handwritten invitation to a virtual celebration, the holiday cards from this Halifax, Nova Scotia-based artist is a lovely and personalized way to send your holiday wishes. Élana Camille Creates | $6


We've seen an influx of Canadians working from their cottages and spending more time embracing the outdoors. Campfire Stix is a great option for the friends and family you know who are celebrating out of the city or are counting down the days until they return to their summer home. They are available in a variety of colour options, or with hockey handles to make your campfire roasting truly Canadian. As an added bonus, they are small enough that they fit easily in a padded envelope and can be mailed across the country. Campfire Stix | $20


This Vancouver-based shop is full of timeless and elegant homeware. For someone who loves to host, but might not be this year, an elegant gift for their home is the perfect way for them to feel special this year. Their leather goods are an elevated option to refresh their couch and spruce up their zoom background with soft and calming earthtones. Plus, they offer free delivery in Vancouver, or ship all across Canada. Cadine | Prices vary


This year, you can find some of the best (and most original) handcrafted items at the 'One of a Kind' virtual Holiday market. They have created an e-commerce platform so that you can shop local, shop handmade and shop Canadian all in one place. Caleigh suggests the Holiday Gift Box by I’ll Know It When I See It, Reset 2020 Milk Chocolate by Newfoundland Chocolate Company, or the Welcome to the New Normal Tea Towel by Sa Boothroyd.One of a Kind | Prices vary 


Saul Good Gift Boxes are created with independent, Canadian-made products. This sustainable b-corp has both gifts for the hostess made with local goodies for those with a sweet tooth looking for something to nibble on during their Holiday Zoom or a staycation gift set to make their home feel cozier. Caleigh recommends the Feels Like Home basket, or the Sweet Tooth basket!Saul Good Gifts | Prices vary


Not only does the Amazon device allow you to play music or listen to a holiday audiobook, it also is a great way to connect with loved ones from afar, the Echo has a “Drop In” feature where you can literally drop in on other connected Alexa devices (such as your friend’s or family’s) and chat through the voice assistant. You would simply activate the feature and choose which device to Drop In on (they would already have had to provide permissions ahead of time), and their Echo/Alexa device will glow green and then your voice will come through It’s a neat little feature that’s been helpful to have on hand, especially with everyone at home now!Amazon Echo | $130[video_embed id='2079125']BEFORE YOU GO: Rockefeller Christmas tree getting mixed reaction[/video_embed]

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