Saskatoon berry elk rack

By Bill Alexander


  • 90 grams sweet potato, mashed
  • 1/2 teaspoon bison pemmican powder
  • 40 grams smoked pemmican butter
  • 110 grams root vegetables
  • 90 grams Saskatoon berry jam
  • 20 grams wild flower honey
  • Puffed rice (Optional)

Other ingredients:

  • Fresh garlic
  • Salt, pepper to Taste
  • Micro green or wild herbs


  1. Boil sweet potatoes and red potatoes separately and then combine and mash. Add salt pepper to taste with butter and brown sugar if you like them sweet.
  2. Cure elk in smoked brine for 12 hours before cooking. Pan sear elk to desired doneness and finish by glazing the elk with Saskatoon berry jam and dust with bison pemmican (or optional: roll in puffed rice).
  3. Lightly blanch root veg or side veg prior to roasting them in a pan or grill. Once in pan, add in honey and toss lightly until caramelized. Finish with pemmican butter.
  4. Plate by putting potatoes down on plate first and top with elk rack and the veg around the plate for desired presentation.

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