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10 questions with Jamie Oliver

Plus he chats about his new book and new CTV Life series 'Together.'
November 15, 2021 10:33 a.m. EST

Jamie Oliver is back with a new cookbook, Together, inspired to bring people together to enjoy great food after a challenging year apart. Marilyn had the chance to sit down with Jamie to do a fun little Q&A, from what he would be if he wasn't a chef to the dish he would bring with him on a desert island! Plus, he chats about his new cookbook and CTV Life series. 

Catch Jamie Oliver: Together Thursdays at 9p ET on CTV.

To celebrate the new series, we're sharing a bunch of Jamie's recipes that are guaranteed to deliver delicious results, regardless of your skill level. The below recipes combine everything we love about Jamie's cooking—ease, simplicity, and crowd-pleasing flavours. 

Slow-roasted lamb

Boning, stuffing and rolling the lamb means the flavourful filling infiltrates the meat as it cooks and vice versa. By stuffing the shoulder, you’re able to stretch the meat even further, and by removing the bones, the lamb is easier to carve – it’s a one-slice wonder! 

Green sauce

Made with pistachios, mint and parsley, this dairy-free sauce works as a great stand-alone recipe, but also as a component with his slow-roasted lamb recipe. 

Stuffed salmon

What's great about this recipe is that the method, which is incredibly easy to follow, elevates the salmon to a new level. It makes a real event of this incredible fish and, while it cooks, the flavours all mix and mingle together, amplifying utter deliciousness.

Tender asparagus

The side dish of your dreams! Serve these tender asparagus with glorious green dressing, soft boiled eggs and crispy bacon croutons.

Crispy pesto chicken

Step up your chicken game with this crispy pesto chicken, made with breadcrumbs, lemon and green pesto. 

Creamy shrimp linguine

You'll mouth will be watering the whole time as you make this quick and easy creamy pasta!

Reverse puff pastry pizza

There’s loads of fun to be had here and is a pretty impressive dish to pull out the oven and serve to friends and family. What's great is this dish can be adapted to seasonal veg so you can really make it any time of the year!

Stuffed curried eggplants

Jam-packed with flavours like spiced tamarind, peanut sauce and coriander, this totally tasty traybake is a must-try dish.

Crispy-bottomed steamed dumplings

Sweet roasted butternut squash and our humble friend broccoli are the heroes in this recipe. It’s great to give veg some love in these delicate flavour-packed dumplings. Crisp and soft in one mighty mouthful.

Buddy's green salad

This delicious green salad is made with crunchy apples and cucumbers, fresh herbs and flavourful olives! Feel free to embellish further with other gorgeous green foods like chunks of ripe avocado, fresh raw peas or broad beans, speed-peeled asparagus or sliced pear.

Mushroom stroganoff

This creamy, spiced Stroganoff is so tasty that you really aren't going to miss the meat!

Chicken and chorizo bake

Both types of potatoes, plus the peppers mean this dish is jam-packed with vitamin C; a nutrient our body use for everything from keeping our teeth and skin healthy to protecting our cells.

Sunshine fusilli pasta

There's nothing much to this but to saute some yellow peppers and onions, then whiz it up in the blender with a few other ingredients to form a sauce. Top it with some crushed pistachios and a bit of shredded mozzarella cheese.