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20 stunning and delicious cake recipes to help embrace your inner baker

Cake loves unite!
June 16, 2022 8:28 a.m. EST
June 16, 2022 8:28 a.m. EST

There are cakes, and then there are fancy cakes. Some occasions, like birthdays, holidays and anniversaries call for the latter. Treat your guests (and yourself) and step up your cake game with these 20 mouthwatering and jaw-dropping recipes. From rich chocolate cakes draped in ganache to rainbow-coloured birthday cakes to multi-layered desserts, any of these fancy cake recipes will make a statement at your next big celebration. 

You might even get inspired to bake with the best! The search for Canada's most talented cake makers is on with CTV's Cross Country Cake Off.  Are you a home-grown baker in Canada who lives for cake? If you think you have what it takes to compete, apply here to be part of the cast and show off your spectacular cakes! 

Cereal cake

With the crispy rice cereal and the fluffy vanilla buttercream, this is pretty much the cake of our childhood dreams, and dare we say better than a traditional birthday cake! 

Injera coffee crepe cake

Light, fluffy and filled with coffee flavour, you'll love this crepe cake for a post-dinner treat. 

Blood orange and olive oil upside-down cake

You may have seen a blood orange upside-down olive oil cake before, and for good reason—they’re so pretty, and the bitterness of blood orange marries well with olive oil. It's spiked with a little orange blossom water and Grand Marnier for extra orange flavour, and semolina for texture.

Blueberry vanilla checkerboard cake

This delicious blueberry-vanilla checkerboard cake is complete with vanilla buttercream and lemon juice.

Cookie dough cake

Cake and cookie dough together in one delicious dessert? Yes, please! Our signature Cookie Dough Cake combines a classic vanilla sponge cake with chocolate chips before it gets stacked with Vanilla Buttercream and chunks of Cookie Dough. Each and every bite will taste like you’re enjoying cake, cookies, and a big glass of milk all at the same time. 

Chocolate chip banana cake

Chocolate and banana is seriously one of our favourite combos, and this cake delivers. Stacked tall with finger-licking good cream cheese frosting, this cake is decadent, light and perfect to serve a crowd. 

Persian love cake

Traditional Persian love cake — a lovers’ dream. The fusion of rose scent and cardamom creates an irresistibly fragrant cake that’s perfect for any occasion. Super moist, fluffy and made entirely from scratch. With barely 20 minutes of prep, you get ALL the taste – minus the sweat! This is the only Persian Love Cake recipe you’ll ever need.

Lidia Bastianich's chocolate zabaglione cake

This cake takes a bit of work—and it should be assembled at least 8 hours to a day ahead—but you don’t have to worry about it once it’s put together, freeing you to do last-minute tasks before your gathering.

Cinnamon apple crumble cake

Buttery cinnamon spice crumble and thick ribbons of salted caramel are sandwiched between layers of perfectly spiced sponge cake

Raindrop drip cake

Bring the rainbow to the dessert table with this delectable cake made with blueberry compote, whipped mascarpone and vanilla buttercream.

Anna Olson's picture-perfect angel food cake

Try this delicious, light and fluffy angel food cake, complete with whipped cream and berries to serve.

Geode cake

Topped with a buttercream frosting and decorated with rock candy, edible gold and food colour, this epic geode cake is true dessert decadence.

Carrot cake with caramel drip

Drizzled in salted caramel, this carrot cake also features pineapple and cinnamon for a complex and decadent flavour profile.

Drizzle bundt cake

This beautiful, outrageously easy-to-make cake can be served as a tea cake, at a picnic, or even as a delicious dessert with ice cream or hot custard.

Chocolate malted cake

Wow, your guests with this statement chocolatey cake for your next birthday party.

Ruffled pistachio rose wedding cake

Made from sour cream, pistachio butter and a buttercream frosting, this rose wedding cake is epic and elegant.

Red velvet layer cake

This delicious red velvet layer cake is made with cocoa powder, buttermilk, icing sugar and cream cheese.

Toffee brownie cheesecake

This cake combines all the deliciousness of toffee, brownies and cheesecake into one epic dessert. Using chocolate-coated toffee bars, cream cheese, brown sugar and just a few other ingredients, this dish is the ultimate dessert for any cake lover!

Wildflower honey cake

This cake is infused with light and airy wildflower and paired with sweet honey to create a flavour combo you'll forever be obsessed with! 

Dulce de leche apple coffee cake

Packed with crispy apples and dulce de leche swirled in the batter, this yummy cake is topped with a delicious dulce de leche glaze!

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