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How to keep your home cozy after the holidays

Keep your spirits bright even after the decorations come down.
January 3, 2022 11:14 a.m. EST

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Festive decor can make the home feel so comfy and cozy over the holidays, but how do we keep that cozy feeling going through the New Year? Design expert Andrew Pike shared his top tips on how to keep the cozy vibes going even after the tree gets put away. 

Layer up with pillows and blankets 

Layering all the cozy textures in a space is an easy way to add fullness to a home without adding clutter. Rich textures like wool and faux fur bring so much warmth to any room. 

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Let in the light 

We’re currently enduring some of our shortest days of the year, so you better believe we want all the extra light and warmth we can. If you find yourself missing the warm glow of a Christmas tree through those dark and crisp January evenings, an easy way to bring back a bit of warmth is with the soft lighting with floor lamps and candles.  

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Keep it neutral 

A great way to bring some calm into the home after the holidays is by sticking to neutral colours for furniture, decor, and more. It's easier to mix up your decor year-round when you stick to lots of whites, grays, and browns. That doesn't mean you have to go and buy all new furniture! By adding small accents to the room, like a rug and updated wall art, you'll make the space feel more welcoming and warm. 

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