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Get creative this Halloween with these DIY costumes for kids

Easy and affordable ways to make your own costumes this year.
October 28, 2021 9:07 a.m. EST

There are so many options for Halloween kids' costumes, it's almost impossible to settle on just one cute idea for your little monster. DIY producer Sarah Milligan shares four creative ideas you can make for your kids this Halloween.

Bubblegum machine

Materials needed: 

  • White top and Black or red pants/leggings
  • Red apron
  • Pompoms
  • Silver/grey cardstock
  • Black letters/marker
  • Glue/glue gun


  1. Use a black marker to trace a circle on the shirt. 
  2. Glue pompoms within the circle. 
  3. Create the silver base with paper and add the price (aka 25 cents). 
  4. Fold top half of apron down and glue silver base in the centre.  Tie around waist. 
  5. Wear with black or red leggings. 
  6. Optional: Glue extra pompoms on a headband or wear a red beret as a fun accessory!

Glow-in-the-dark stick figure

Materials needed: 

  • Black pants and hooded top
  • Flexible glo sticks
  • Packing tape


  1. Laying clothing on a flat surface and layout stick figure pattern – arms, legs, torso, circle for the head. 
  2. Right before trick or treating, have your child put the outfit on.  Crack glow sticks and use packing tape to stick them to the front of the outfit, including the ‘head’ around the opening of the hood. 
  3. For extra visibility, do the same to their back!


Materials needed: 

  • White top and black pants/leggings
  • Orange felt/fabric
  • White felt/ribbon
  • Optional: batting/stuffing, orange thread
  • Black felt/fabric
  • Peel 'n stick velcro
  • Optional: plain headband, pink and green felt, glue


  1. Cut out a torso-sized rectangle out of the orange felt (cut two if making a pillow)
  2. Glue thin diagonal strips of white felt or ribbon across
  3. Optional pillow: turn your two pieces wrong side out, sew around three sides and leave an opening. Turn fabric right side out. Stuff with batting/newspaper and sew opening shut.
  4. Measure around your child’s torso and cut out a large rectangle from your black material a few inches wider. Use velcro to secure it to their waist with the ‘salmon’ tucked inside
  5. Optional:  Cut out circular pieces of felt and pinch at the bottom to create ‘wasabi’ and ‘pickled ginger.’  Glue onto a headband.

Scuba diver

Materials needed: 

  • Black pants/leggings, black long sleeve top with hood or toque
  • Scuba or swim goggles
  • Two 1L empty plastic bottles
  • Spray paint
  • Electrical and/or coloured tape
  • Three short bungee cords (or rope, long elastic strips)
  • Bristol board/cardstock (optional: craft foam)
  • Optional: flexible tubing & pacifier or plastic lid for ‘mouthpiece’


Oxygen tanks

  1. Spray paint plastic bottles in a well-ventilated area. 
  2. Once dry, wrap strips of tape around the top and/or base. 
  3. Attach together with glue or a bungee cord.  Loop in two more short bungee cords to create ‘backpack’ straps. *Straps can also be made out of another material on hand and glued to the top and base.
  4. Optional: drill a small hole in the lid of one of the bottoms.  Stick one end of plastic tubing inside and knot to secure.  Attach a pacifier or plastic lid (I used one from a salad dressing container) to the other end and secure with tape.


  1. Draw a fin template on a piece of cardstock.  Trace a circle for the ankle and cut out. 
  2. Trace template onto a large piece of Bristol board and cut out. 
  3. Add strips of craft foam for extra detail if desired!
  4. Have your child wear black from head to toe with goggles on their head.  Put the oxygen tanks on like a backpack and slide their foot through the holes in the fins so they sit on their ankles, above their shoes. 

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